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16 January 2015

Wearable Technologies – Craze or Crazy

Chris Moffatt

Chris Moffatt

Business Manager, Electronics

Since 2012, Chris has been focused on recruitment for the RF / antenna market in…

Two weeks ago, we arrived back to work after a nice break, everyone showing off and discussing their new toys from Santa. One of the gifts of choice this year seems to be the fitness tracker. Many people in the office already enjoy boot camp sessions or a lunchtime jog. However closely tracking activity, eating and health stats wasn’t really explored……until now. Add that to the half-hearted New Year’s resolutions to get fit or diet and it seems the perfect environment to start a fitness craze.Wearables 1

However, this all seems a bit crazy to me, as all of my colleagues who have these trackers also have smart phones which rarely leave their sides and automatically record most of the same information. Going for a jog or entering my breakfast using my phone brings up the same graphs, even monitoring sleep cycles can be done using your phone.

But these ~£100 trackers have still managed to find a market. Something in the idea or user experience has hooked people into buying these trackers, and it quickly becomes a hot topic of daily discussion. I’ve already seen two colleagues get deliveries of fitness trackers this week. They have even liked up to each other’s accounts and can see nutritional values for different meals as well as how much exercise each person has done. I can see how this can be competitive and motivational, though part of me feels it’s a bit intrusive?

So I am not completely against these devices, as I can see the new found enthusiasm for exercise with most who have them; even one person running on the spot in the evenings to make sure they reach the desired “step” goal.

But the truth is that wearable technologies haven’t really taken off as quickly as the industry has wanted. I attribute this to the lack of a sufficiently ‘better’ experience. Given the focus of wearables and the internet of things recently at CES, there should be some new products in the pipeline which I am hoping will change my mind.

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