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12 August 2015

What if ‘Humans’ was real?

Parmeet Shergill

Parmeet Shergill

Senior Consultant, Contracts

Parmeet graduated in 2011 in business management and has been in the recruitment industry since,…

My Sunday evenings won’t be the same now that Humans has finished… for those of you who haven’t seen it, Humans is a TV series set in a parallel present where the latest must-have gadget for a busy family is a Synth (a robot) – a life-like humanoid.

It’s got me thinking about what it would be like to have a real life robot?

This is what makes Humans so interesting – it really emphasises what could be at stake.

In the show a father decides to buy a synth to help around the house which he eventually realises was a big mistake when it starts to affect his family;

  • His wife feeling worthless and can see herself being easily replaced
  • His youngest daughter preferring the synth to read her a bed time story
  • His teenage son who finds the synth attractive (awkward…)
  • And his eldest daughter who believes having an education is meaningless as the robots are taking over

What if humans was realI found this article where tech experts consider the implications of an AI arms race. Microsoft Research Chief Eric Horvitz – says “you look at how much computation has done for our society, for socio-economics, in applications like healthcare – it’s been incredible. AI will change so many things. With that comes a lot of hope, a lot of possible benefits and also some concerns. Will the machines become so powerful and smart that they can’t be turned off and they come to outwit man?

This is what Humans does so well. Portraying how a group of the robots evolve, becoming capable of emotions and intelligence and demonstrating a kind of free will.

No doubt AI will continue to amaze us in the years to come; possibly helping doctors to diagnose patients more accurately, virtual teachers that can interact with student across the world and driver assistance eliminating human error and saving lives.

Whilst I think it would be a great to have someone that could cook, clean and fix things for me around the house, after watching Humans I may have to reconsider…

Thankfully robots can’t design Passive Filters (yet) otherwise we’d be out of a job!

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