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10 January 2017

What technology will 2017 bring?

Chris Wyatt

Chris Wyatt

Senior Consultant

Since completion of his BA (Hons) in theatre studies from the University of Greenwich, Chris…

WOW, what a year of tech advancements 2016 has been hey?


Year after year, technological development pushes the boundaries into what we thought was possible, with breakthrough after breakthrough, again and again and again.

This year, LG unveiled the OLED TV that rolls up like a piece of paper. Virtual Reality (VR) headsets set a new standard for immersive experiences and Panasonic revived the greatly loved Technics turntable with the SL-1200G series, praised by audiophiles everywhere.

Working with software and algorithm engineers from all disciplines all day, every day gives me a great insight into the world of tech. So, with CES 2017 having just wrapped up, what better time to review all the interesting things that Santa could be bringing me for Christmas next year! 


So, what new products, services and trends can we expect over the coming 12 months? Last January my answer wouldn’t have been Google Assistant for the home!. Always there, always listening, always ready to ‘help’, so who knows!

Here’s just a snippet of what we do know and what I believe could be realistic to expect:


  • Invisible objects mid-air that you can touch and feel… no seriously! A UK-based client of IC Resources is developing next-generation haptics technology, creating a connection between people and technology like no other. Watch this space. 
  • Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence becoming entirely common place in everyday products. How long will it be before our kitchen appliances re-order their own supplies?.
  • Foldable phones (for all the times you need to roll up your phone…). We’ve seen LG do this with the OLED TV. Samsung recently filed a patent for a bendable display (courtesy of the Korean patent office) suggesting we could see a device toward the end of 2017.
  • Massive advances for the gaming world with Project Scorpio, a new console from Microsoft designed for true 4K gaming… and utilising the TV’s everyone bought during Black Friday. And of course, the Nintendo SWITCH. This new console is confirmed for release, but none of the finer details are known just yet. What new features will they bring to the table?! 
  • The exponential integration of digital and physical services. Amazon GO as a prime example, the supermarket where you walk in and walk out without ever making a physical transaction. As you pick up (or put down) items, your digital checkout list is updated accordingly and you’re charged for what you take automatically as you walk out.


To me, these select few technological advancements demonstrate that 2017 will yet again be a huge year for technological developments across all domains. What two-man start-ups are being put together in garages around the world right now? If this is you and you’re working on some awe-inspiring tech, then we want to hear from you!

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