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7 August 2015

Which industries can make better use of RF?

Chris Moffatt

Chris Moffatt

Business Manager, Electronics

Since 2012, Chris has been focused on recruitment for the RF / antenna market in…

I recently read an article describing the use of microwave power transfer in shuttle launches over the more traditional “rocket fuel”.  This got me thinking…

Which industries can make better use of RFWe have so many industries which are being aided by RF / wireless technologies, how many are left which are not yet taking advantage? Maybe none. But there are of course some industries miles ahead of others and a few industries which are not taking advantage of products and technologies already invented for them.

I’d say retail is poised to benefit hugely over the next 10 years – for example, a lot of retailers now believe that beacons are among the most important new mobile technologies.

The automotive industry is putting every single wireless technology it can under the hood.  Audi is a perfect example of this.  When cars start communicating with roadside wireless transmitters and others cars, there will be BIG changes….

I’d be really interested to know if you have any thoughts on other industries where RF / wireless technologies might be revolutionary?



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