For organisations, the pressure to find talented staff with the right skills is high. Businesses are under increasing pressure to avoid empty seats and talent leakage to remain competitive. 

Our team of specilaist software recruitment consultants is made up of experienced recruiters who each focus on a specific software skillset. Therefore, they gain an in-depth understanding of the software landscape and know where their candidates sit within the wider structure of your organisation. We cover embedded, high-level and creative (UX/Web Dev/Mobile) requirements.

By 'speaking the language' of their candidates, they build trust with software developers and clients alike. This means that they can quickly and accurately respond to even the most niche requirements.

Each of our recruitment consultants are specialists in a very tightly defined niche, enabling them to develop a deeper knowledge of the industry and stronger relationships with candidates and clients.

We also specialise in: DSP, Embedded, Computer Vision, C++/C#/Python/Java and Test/QA.


We represent a broad range of clients, from start-ups to established, high-profile brands. We have established channels to attract the right candidates and, when we're relocating successful applicants, we provide support throughout the whole process with advice and local knowledge.

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Software Recruitment team


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