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Why work with us?

  • Personal representation – We work on your behalf in your search for a job and as your career progresses. If actors have agents, why not engineers? 
  • We’re skilled at negotiating compensation packages, so you get the best deal without jeopardising your offer. 
  • Career advice – Busy candidates, be they engineers, sales/marketing professionals or executives, often have too much on their plate to keep track of recruitment trends in the wider industry. We can advise on career direction, salaries, busiest market sectors, your most marketable skills, etc. 
  • Maximum opportunity – We work with a wide range of loyal clients around the globe. We therefore give you access to the widest possible range of opportunities. 
  • Individual circumstances – Each of our candidates has a unique set of needs and wants. The desire for career progression, urgency to find new employment, geographical needs, family issues. We invest time to understand your needs, then at a pace you determine, we introduce you to the opportunities that meet your personal criteria. 
  • Strategic introduction to clients – Our close client relationships mean we have a strong understanding of their requirements and preferences, highlighting your most relevant strengths when we approach them on your behalf. We are also often aware of ongoing requirements which aren’t active, but do open when the right candidate becomes available. 
  • Confidentiality – Trust is essential to successful recruitment. Your confidentiality is respected at all times and your decision regarding opportunities, interviews, offers, etc is the final one. Finally, we commit to not sending your details to any client without your consent.

Even if you are not actively looking for a job, we are happy to give advice and discuss current recruitment trends. Please call us on +44 118 988 1150 or email