Face to Face Interview

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Face-to-Face Interview

In many ways, the first impression in an interview is the most important one, so make sure that you:

  • Look good – clean, well dressed, well shaven. A suit is a very good idea – if not, a tie and jacket are virtually a necessity.
  • Are friendly to EVERYONE you meet – especially the receptionist and anyone who comes to collect you.
  • Are prepared – make sure that you have some questions about the company prepared – particularly about the technology and the direction of the technology.
  • Have studied! – for technical interviews, review relevant technologies and go back to basics. Many interviews include theory questions from university days.

Without being pushy: (a) Sell yourself. (b) Sell your skills. (c) Sell your potential. People you meet will imagine working with you and how you will fit into the team. This is why it is important to make a positive and enthusiastic impression in the first 5 minutes.

Remember – don’t be defensive. Even if it seems the interviewers are being tough on you, they want you to succeed.

Good luck!