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Telephone Interview

Get up! – Stand up or even walk around so you speak more clearly and confidently – try it!.

Lose the distractions – If at all possible, find a nice, comfortable, quiet place for your phone interview… your home, office (if it’s private) or even a local park. Avoid coffee houses, restaurants and your car, you’ll only get flustered. If the suggested time is not convenient to reschedule for a better time.

Don’t forget your CV – Print out a copy of your CV to reference. While we wouldn’t advise speaking directly from your resume, it provides a concise cheat sheet for you to ensure you don’t forget any highlights in your experience.

Define your talking points – Prepare a few sentences around prominent events in your own experience. Think of things that highlight your competencies and ideas you have for the job. You should still let the interviewer drive the discussion, but these talking points will help you sneak in some of your own personality when it’s applicable.

What’s the job? Research the company, division and job. Print out the job description. If no job description is available think about what your ideal job in the company would be or how you think you could best contribute given your skills and interests. Type up these ideas and print them out. This will help you frame your answers and maintain your focus throughout.

Any questions? Almost every interview ends with the interviewer asking, ‘Do you have any questions for me?’ Since you know the question is coming, write down two to three questions you’d like to ask.