Startups have very specific recruitment requirements, often complicated by funding issues. IC Resources understands this.

We are unique in our willingness to discuss your specific constraints and come up with a bespoke solution that suits you best. This often means understanding whether 'cash-flow' or 'cash-burn' is most important to you and offering a fee structure that represents the least bad headache. 

You may be seeking one key hire to help you reach your next funding stage. Alternatively you may have just obtained significant funding (yay!) and need to find a number of entrepreneurial team members quickly. Either way, we have 'been there before' and can respond accordingly.

One key advantage to a partnership with IC Resources is our market reach. When we get excited by your new innovation, we communicate our enthusiasm to a huge industry network. Over the years we've helped innumerable startups to grow and successfully exit; ultimately it's what gets us up in the morning.

Start-up team

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