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Help us inspire tomorrow’s Tech Stars

UKESF (UK Electronics Skills Foundation) is running a ground-breaking programme designed to increase enrolment into UK Electronics degree courses. IC Resources is donating money and we’d like you to help us build the pot – the more we collect, the more A-level students will get hands-on access to electronics boards.

Enrolment in Electronics degree courses by UK students has remained stubbornly stagnant over the last 20 years. Research gathered and assessed by Stew Edmondson, CEO of UKESF, shows that current endeavours, such as visits by role models and ‘play with gadgets days’ don’t directly influence enrolment numbers. Therefore UKESF has launched a programme to get ‘Music Mixer’ boards into the hands of A-level physics students. The boards let students experience and understand the nuts and bolts of electronics by building a working product. Crucially, the tasks /activities support the national curriculum.

For every £1,000 raised, UKESF provides two schools with 15 Music Mixer circuit boards and gives teachers comprehensive CPD training, in collaboration with Southampton University. The circuit board is an engaging hands-on classroom learning tool that delivers fundamental electronics education as part of the Physics curriculum. Given that the Music Mixer can be re-used from one year to the next, £1,000 will directly affect hundreds of students.

For every successful engineer placement that IC Resources makes at UKESF sponsoring companies*, we will donate £50 pounds to the Music Mixer project. We started in April and have already donated £100, with every confidence of exceeding £1000 within the year.

But with your help we believe we can reach £3000. If we do our bit, just £10 pounds from you and 199 others will easily put us over £3000.


*Sponsoring companies range in size from small SMEs like Embecosm to blue chips like ARM. Full list is `available at .