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There can be no better feeling than to open an email or an actual paper letter (rare but not extinct) from a happy customer who has taken the time to express their gratitude for a job well done. The nice thing for our consultants is that their ‘customers’ are both their candidates and clients, so they have double the opportunity to impress! Have a browse of the 200+ testimonials we’ve received in the last little while…

  • First of all thanks to IC Resources and Emily, for helping me to find my dream job. It was great working with IC Resources.

    Emily Wright is very professional, easy to interact with and very helpful. Also, she provided me all required updates on time including timely reminders on visa processing etc. Once again a big thanks to IC Resources.

    Best Regards,

    ED, Lippstadt. 6/19

  • I first encountered IC Resources in the course of applying for my current role. Throughout the entire recruitment process, which was complex and involved, IC Resources were always considerate, diligent, prompt and efficient – in short, a consummate professional partner. Since that time, I have used the services of this company to source industry professionals in London and Berlin, and again have been thoroughly impressed with IC Resources’ speed of service, quality of candidates, and understanding of our business requirements. They have a great ability to consider the perspectives of all their stakeholders, and ensure an optimum outcome for everyone concerned.


  • I am extremely grateful for the efforts your team has gone to in helping me find a new role. I have been speaking to both James Cunningham and Dave Sharman for a number of years and found their support to be second to none.
    My recent job search started around November time and a role was quickly identified for me. Dave took the initiative on this opportunity, and quickly set up several interviews and kept me well informed throughout the whole process. Dave was always readily available and always made time for me. He went above and beyond in his efforts and felt 100% comfortable that he was representing me in the best possible way. Besides being a truly pleasant guy, he was thoroughly professional. James was always kept completely in the loop on the few occasions Dave was not available.
    It was a real pleasure working with your team and although I hope not to be contacting them again in the near future.
    I would not hesitate to recommend their services to anyone else. The best of the best!

    RB, Bury. 4/19

  • IC Resources has assisted NVIDIA on several occasions in sourcing candidates for various UK positions. IC Resources has provided a first-class service, supplying us with quality candidates whose profiles match our requirements and maintaining regular contact to keep us updated. We would recommend IC Resources to other organisations looking to recruit high calibre candidates.


  • I’m very grateful to IC Resources, for getting me my new job. I’m enjoying working there, the hours are great, people are friendly. The training I’m receiving is excellent and every day I’m given more responsibility.

    I thank Sasha for her hard work

    ML, Cambridge. 4/19

  • IC Resources has been extremely successful in recruiting for Sequans. Their consultants have an excellent understanding of our needs and work to the highest level of professionalism. IC Resources is always our first port of call!


  • It was a great please to work with Jeff Budd from IC Resources. I have known him for many years and he would always be my first contact both for searching for a candidate in my company, but also for help regarding my own career. He is very professional and supportive and is always there when needed with excellent feedback and advice.

    Thanks and best regards,

    PM, Munich. 1/19

  • Dialog Semiconductor has been working with IC Resources since their inception in 1999. We have a good working relationship with them and they regularly assist us in meeting needs of our offices in UK, Austria and Germany. They provide a professional, specialist service within the semiconductor industry and their expertise can be relied upon to address any recruitment issues which arise. We would not hesitate to recommend their services.

    Dialog Semiconductors

  • I would like to share my experience with Emily from IC Resources without whom it would have been difficult for me to find my current job.

    Right from the start after I submitted my resume to IC resources online, Emily was there to help me. She contacted me and understood my job requirements. I was very impressed with the job offers that she was referring to as they were perfectly suitable for me and matching my skills. She also spoke with the company HRs in arranging the interviews and knowing their feedback. Sometimes I felt like Emily was my personal secretary taking care of my interest with the company HRs. She kept in touch with me even after I got the job, during my visa process, after submitting my resignation letter and moving to the new city and settled in the new job.

    I sincerely thank Emily for all the support and also thank you for having such a hard-working employee at IC Resources.

    I wish you all the best.

    KH, Munich. 3/19

  • Dear Marta,
    We have found our FAE. Excellent!
    That’s because of your excellent and very professional work.
    On behalf of the company, I would like to express our deep appreciation of your valuable and hard work in this process.
    It has been fantastic to work with you. We are looking forward to collaborating with you for a long time.
    Thank you very much again for all your efforts and attention.

    Pulse Electronics GmbH

  • I would like to say that I have conversed with James for more than five years. James is a very professional and hard-working recruiter who I feel always promotes me well.

    He put me forward for a role that fitted my skill set, showing he understands my requirements very well. I now question why I should even bother with other recruiters when it’s very clear, the only recruiter I must deal with is James Cunningham at IC Resources.

    Many thanks and please pass my thanks on to James for his fantastic efforts.

    NC, London. 1/19

  • IC Resources were very adept in understanding the requirements/profiles required and supplying a good short list of candidates. This resulted in 2 hires, one at Director level and the other at Senior Manager level (Technical support). We’re pleased to have those 2 hires on board as they’ve been hands-on to the job from day one and their skills and qualifications do very well match the profile we requested IC Resources to search for.


  • I’m very happy with my new position. This change in my career, took place thanks to the support received from IC Resources, especially from Emily Wright.

    I received great support from her throughout the entire recruitment process and was in permanent contact with her which gave me an optimistic feeling. Fortunately, I accepted the job at a company where my level of experience and skills fit very well with the company requirements. So, I will say that Emily did a very good job of selecting the right offers for me. Also, I received very quick and clear answers to all my questions.

    I’m very satisfied with the collaboration with IC Resources and I will recommend your company whenever I can.

    Have a nice day!

    VB, Romania. 1/19

  • IC Resources have a thorough understanding of the Semiconductor industry and have proved consistently over the years that they understand our business, our processes and the type of profile we look for. We would have no hesitation in recommending the IC Resources to any hiring organisation.


  • From start to finish I had all the support I needed and my main contact Georgina was very kind and helpful. With Caroline filling in for her when needed, the support was never interrupted. Even after I got the job the experience was and it still is very enjoyable as I am still being asked how everything is going. It’s these little things that make you feel appreciated and a human being.

    Thank you guys.

    SV, France. 1/19

  • In a market place where it is increasingly difficult to find high caliber candidates that match our exact requirements, IC Resources have demonstrated through their impressive knowledge of our industry, that they can provide high quality candidates again and again.


  • Mark Cornacchia guided me throughout the recruitment process. I found him polite, a good communicator and I was impressed he was able to find a role within an industry that I wanted to move into. He was able to find a balance between finding an interesting company within the correct industry I wanted, as well as negotiating a good salary. I didn’t feel like at any point I was being offered a role which didn’t fit my needs.

    I will use IC Resources again when I need to.

    KP, London. 12/18

  • IC Resources are the highest performers of any of the recruitment partners we engage with.  They’re always the most helpful when asked for support, and respond quickly, professionally and ethically to any request or new requirement.   They’re always at the top of our recommendation list!


  • Overall my experience of working with IC Resources to find me a job, were very positive. I dealt primarily with Caroline Pye who was very friendly and professional and showed a keen interest in finding me a job and my future.

    I would definitely return to IC Resources if I am ever in need of recruitment services in the future.

    TA, Bristol. 10/18

  • I can’t speak highly enough of Sean and the service provided to me both in terms of obtaining a new position through IC resources and for the recruitment needs of my organisation.

    From the customer’s perspective, it is also fair to say that IC resources website is certainly simple and easy to use with an engaging design, menus, and features. Although I am no web expert I have found their website to be smart, professional and insightful. Working with them, both through face to face interaction and using their website has always been a pleasure as their advice and assistance throughout the recruitment process has been invaluable.


  • I know plenty of very good recruiters who helped me with my career, but Leon is really the best one!
    I’ve known Leon for years and I could say that he is the great person and the best expert I’ve met.
    He helped me twice to get a new position in my career, but even when Leon was not working with my career directly he kindly shared with me his valuable thoughts and advice. 
    His kind advice and recommendations on all the issues and problems related to job interview and his honesty in solving various technical and even ethical and psychological problems allow me to claim he is the best expert in recruiting I know. 
    And what is important, Leon‘s honesty and abilities to solve various problems let me recommend him to both for candidates and the companies looking for employees. 
    Heartily wish Leon success in his important job!

    MC, Southampton. 9/18

  • Marta has an instinct for finding great people. We have worked together for 4 years and she has helped us fill vacancies in 3 countries for a variety of roles and at different levels. Her manner is excellent; fun to deal with, completely professional, she “gets” the business. If Marta says “I really recommend this person, you should talk to them”, we always do.


  • It’s honestly been a pleasure dealing with Caroline all along, and I’d definitely recommend IC-Resources to anyone trying to secure a good new role. The professionalism and excellence I have experienced dealing with Caroline was unmatched.

    YE, Bristol. 9/18

  • First, the folks at IC Creative gained our engineers’ trust through eye-level conversations about our technology and about the skills required to build awesome products with it. Then they won me over by presenting the most convincing candidates, leading to some of the best hires we ever made.

    Looking forward to taking Vigour to the next level, together.


  • I wish to thank IC Resources for helping me finding my new job. My experience with Ane Bauer was perfect. 

    JD, Paris. 8/18

  • When looking for the best User Experience specialists in the market IC Resources are the type of recruiter to rely on. Not only does IC Resources find the right talent despite the demanding briefs we give them but also reaches candidates out of the UK as well. One of the first to recruit on a global level, IC Resources have access to a spectrum of candidates that can meet any requirement you might have, no matter how extreme it is!


  • I appreciate the enormous amount of effort that you have put in, talking to the company numerous times. I particularly appreciate your approachability and your guidance to me, helping me prepare for the interviews in proper direction. Although I have heard a positive feedback about IC Resources, I am experiencing the same level of professionalism and seriousness of both IC Resources as well as you as a recruiter first hand. We would be glad to have you as our first point of contact for our job search now and in the future. I will be recommending my friends to contact you if they are looking for a change. Thank you for your efforts and it had been absolutely delightful working with you.

    SN, Cambridge. 2/18

  • Over the past 6 months Simon Lawson has helped InterDigital Europe build a software development team. Simon’s expert knowledge on the UK recruitment market has been invaluable to our business.


  • Sean got me through a door I had been struggling to open over the last couple of years. He got me seen by the hiring company within a week of initial contact with me and a job offer on the table 2 days later. Communication was very regular so I knew where we were with things every step of the way. It is nice to be made to feel like a person by a recruiter rather than walking commission.

    DF, Marlow. 3/18

  • everis experience design is growing constantly and we need to answer quickly to market demands. We have found in IC Creative a very good partner to join us on this path, not only because of their effectiveness but also for their flexibility in adapting their process to our specific way of working, allowing us to better respond to the market and make a stronger UX team.  Keep going with the good work!” Mar, 2016.


  • I really appreciated the support and effort Marta undertook to understand my needs and to find such a good match for my new role. She has both a highly professional yet personal approach and style, and this made a huge difference in winning over my trust to allow her to help me. In particular, she drove the discussion to a conclusion based on her knowledge of both parties and use of good judgement. As a result, I have no hesitation in recommending others to Marta and IC Resources.

    KS, Munich. 3/18

  • We have been partnering with the IC Creative team for almost a year now. It’s a partnership that has so far achieved success sourcing specialist skills in some very challenging markets.  I expect to see our relationship grow significantly over the next 2 years!

    4 Finance IT

  • I want to thank Caroline for her professionalism and guidance during the whole recruitment process, I’m really pleased with my new position. I would definitely recommend IC Resources and especially Caroline.

    TT, Bulgaria. 3/18

  • Having had the pleasure of being one of Simon’s clients, it is fair to say Simon demonstrates a high degree of professionalism and subject knowledge. He is able to put forward credible candidates, spotting the right talent for our needs. His easy-going nature and reasonableness makes any call or email a straight-forward matter.



  • Sean got me through a door I had been struggling to open over the last couple of years. He got me seen by the hiring company within a week of initial contact with me and a job offer on the table 2 days later. Communication was very regular so I knew where we were with things every step of the way. It is nice to be made to feel like a person by a recruiter rather than walking commission.

    DF, Marlow. 3/18

  • IC Creative is my ‘go-to’ agency for user experience researchers. They have an excellent candidate pool and I can trust them to send high-grade candidates, whether it is for a perm or contract role.

    EY Seren

  • I really appreciated the support and effort Marta undertook to understand my needs and to find such a good match for my new role. She has both a highly professional yet personal approach and style, and this made a huge difference in winning over my trust to allow her to help me. In particular, she drove the discussion to a conclusion based on her knowledge of both parties and use of good judgement. As a result, I have no hesitation in recommending others to Marta and IC-Resources.

    Best regards,

    KS, Rochester. 3/18

  • Bitwise Europe started to work with IC Resources a few years ago and we have been able to grow our team in a very competitive market in Eindhoven (the Netherlands) with the great help of Emma.  She understands our needs and was able to come up with good matching candidates, a process that is still ongoing, and which lead to a recommendation to other Bitwise divisions, who are now also using their services.  I trust this partnership will continue in this manner for years to come and be even further extended.


  • I am grateful to IC Resources for the opportunities that have been offered me and for helping my next career step. Dave Dixon has been valuable and really attentive to my interests and needs. I am now very excited for what’s to come and I am really looking forward to starting this new experience. I will definitely recommend IC Resources to my network.

    EC, Switzerland. 2/18

  • IC Resources became a favourite recruiter over the 12 month period in which we were recruiting mobile user experience professionals. The focus on finding the right candidate in both experience and culture-fit was excellent, leading to 2 offers being made – to this end IC Resources was the most successful recruiter for the O2 own devices UX team.


  • I was in touch with IC Resources some time before late autumn 2017 and every time the approach was both personal and professional. Emily was absolutely superb throughout this time, made more difficult by me living in Wales and the fact that Christmas was so close (not the time to look for a job). Much appreciated IC Resources support in finding a job for me.

    BL, Luton. 2/18

  • David Slark has been working on our software recruitment needs for the past two years and has provided Amino with an excellent service, both in terms of the level of customer support he provides to the HR team and hiring managers throughout the recruitment process, but this is also reflected in the quality candidates that he represents.

    Our roles can be hard to fill, however David is relentless, always remaining professional and positive despite the many challenges we send him.

    I would highly recommend David and IC Resources for your recruitment needs.


  • My experience with IC Resources and in particular with Caroline Pye was professional and highly satisfactory. I felt really supported during the entire process.

    Besides managing and arranging all the job interviews and related paperwork, she was always very quick to answer my questions, via emails or direct phone calls. She was also very patient and kind.

    I am really satisfied and I am sure I will contact again your company in the future.

    Best regards,

    MG, Cork. 1/18

  • We have had great success working with IC Resources. They’ve been one of our top recruiters over the last year. Expert knowledge of UX skills + profiles and very personal and responsive.


  • I’ve interacted with IC Resources and Rachel Anderson many times over my career and have now twice been successful in obtaining a new position through IC Resources.

    Many agencies claim to have expertise in Semiconductor recruitment but in my experience only Rachel at IC Resources demonstrates actual detailed knowledge and spends the time to match the person to the opportunity. In my present position she strongly encouraged me to apply for a vacancy that I initially thought was not for me and found she was right in that my experience is a perfect fit for it. I cannot recommend IC Resources enough.

    Thanks and regards,

    PR, East Sussex. 1/18

  • IC Creative has been sourcing candidates for Thomson Reuters for the past 3 years. During this time we have built up a good working relationship with Sukhi, who has provided us with some great candidates, both contract and permanent. IC Creative has a good understanding of the organization and specific needs of our UX Design Team

    We look forward to continuing this partnership into 2015.

    Thomson Reuters

  • I would like to thank IC Resources for the support towards a new step in my career. Especially Ane for her continuous support over a long time to find what I was looking for. She was always there trying to understand what I want and find the best opportunity to perfectly match my needs and she was always sure that I would find what I want.

    She was available to hear my questions and try to find an answer. She always cared about the finer details that might help me. She supported me through every single step, always gave advice and was really professional.

    I wish her the best in her career and her personal life.

    I wish for IC Resources more success.

    Best regards,

    MK, France. 12/17

  • I have first been in touch with Sukhi in 2013 as a candidate. He proposed me an interesting position in Singapore and following a couple of interviews with the company I relocated to Singapore. It was the first time I moved abroad to start a new job. Sukhi has done a wonderful job by answering all my questions and helped me following the relocation process.

    In 2014, I worked again with Sukhi, not as a candidate, but as a client this time. I was looking for growing my team with international designers. I have been delighted by the number of relevant candidates proposed by Sukhi. All along the way, we refined together the scope and narrow the candidates’ profile to finally find the right one.

    Today I’m happy to say Sukhi helped me to boost my career.


  • I can say my experience with IC Resources has been fantastic and I would like to outline the following things:

    – the preliminary discussion to get to know each other and to get an understanding of my skills, experiences and motivations for a new job was held at a professional and high level
    – the constant effort to manage the process, maintaining an overall understanding on how things were going (this was very important in my case since the hiring process was very slow);
    – the open discussion on feedback, with high value support given.

    In summary it has been a completely different way of managing compared to previous experiences with other companies.

    Jeff did an outstanding job throughout the process.

    With best regards,

    ML, Italy. 12/17

  • I have used Emma for recruitment since 2002. She is one of the few (very few) recruitment consultants that I would use for technical recruitment. This is because she listens to the brief, takes care to understand it, probes and questions the attributes that are required and, only then, looks for candidates that meet them. Her filtering of CVs is professional and valuable, as is her support through the interview process. In a few cases, she has encouraged me to reconsider a CV that I have discarded on first reading; it is a credit to her that this has usually proved to be good advice. In my experience she is rare, if not unique, in her field. I would recommend her to anyone seeking to fill a technical position.


  • I’ve known Sean for quite some time but it wasn’t until recently that I had the opportunity to work really closely with him on the occasion of my successful placement. It is fair to say that one can find it really hard to imagine a better person for his job. Sean has an in-depth understanding of both the health care world and the Supply Chain industry & he has worked diligently with me to ensure that as a candidate I would be the best fit for the role.

    He has been assisting and supporting me throughout the whole selection process without being too prescriptive but just present and with the right answers and suggestions when I needed them. It goes without saying that I have enjoyed my time working with Sean and he deserves a huge thanks from my side for helping me to secure a fantastic job that seems to be a perfect match with my set of skills & experience.

    KK, Cambridge. 12/17

  • IC Resources’ consultant (James) understands quickly our requirements due to his engineering background, which helps him to grasp the technical knowledge candidates need to have to be considered for our various roles. James is also very good at maintaining the relationships with both ourselves and the candidates. This continuous dialog helps a smooth recruitment process and generates engaged candidates.

    Acal Technology

  • I was recently recruited by IC Resources for a Senior Programme Manger position, with the fantastic support and help of Adel, who demonstrated a high degree of professionalism and offered excellent assistance on any question or concern I had.

    I am very happy and grateful for how Adel guided me during the process, which provided me enough confidence and clarity to be able to get the position.

    Best regards,

    AP, Oxfordshire. 11/17

  • IC Resources did a brilliant job in understanding the brief and sending me a range of high-calibre candidates when I was hiring for my Product team. The advantage with IC Resources is, as they have been working in the mobile industry before, on the development side – they just get it. Also they’re great listeners and always asked the right questions.


  • Sean understands his job in an excellent way and he invests all his energy in making all participants involved in the hiring procedure happy.

    He is able to find the best candidate for the most complicated job description. Sean represents for me the highest level of coaching and support even in difficult moments.

    I highly recommend Sean as a remarkable professional with an eye also on the emotional part of this business.

    CM, Munich. 11/17

  • We have been working with IC Resources in excess of 8 years and have been very pleased with the service that they have offered L-3 TRL Technology. IC Resources were already on our existing Preferred Supplier List when I joined the business in 2007 and they have more than proved themselves, providing support on permanent recruitment and contract recruitment.  We now consider them as one of the leading recruitment agencies that we use. I work with IC Resources daily and have found them to be nothing but professional, enthusiastic and approachable.  I would have no reservations recommending IC Resources as a recruitment partner

    L-3 TRL Technology

  • You really helped me to figure out what direction to go in for my first job and placed me with a really great company. The advice you gave me during the whole process was really helpful.

    JT, Devon. 11/17

  • We appreciate the fact that you are able to support our expansion efforts both in Sweden and France and can continually provide top quality (pre-qualified) candidates which meet our very specific position profiles. What I value most in working with you is you truly understand that we want to build an exceptional company and our employees not only need to be able to perform the job they also need to contribute to the company’s culture.


  • I am happy to admit that my career search with Leon was perfect. He is a very positive man, helpful, has a lot of useful advice and works hard to ensure that everything is done in the right way. I find him as a professional and very reliable person because from the first minute I felt that he cared and did his best to meet my requirements.

    I am very glad that I can recommend IC Resources and Leon as great partners to search for work with.

    Best regards,

    DD, Poland. 11/17

  • ZiiLABS has worked with IC Resources as a key supplier for a number of years. They have a good understanding of our business and as a result they have consistently provided us with quality candidates.


  • My experience with Emily Wright in my job search was amazing. She precisely understood my expectations and shown me the right opportunities. She gave the right guidance throughout the process including compensation and relocation. 

    I had no idea about the German job market but I got a good deal and because of her guidance and precise knowledge about the market. Especially my relocation from India to Germany was made easy by IC Resources and my new employer. I am glad that I am associated with IC Resources with amazing professionals with deep knowledge of market and caring to help the candidates coupled with great client base globally.

    I look forward to be in touch with IC Resources in the future and thanks for all the help.

    KB, Germany. 10/17

  • IC Resources have always provided Synopsys with an excellent level of service and high calibre candidates. They would always be our partner for recruiting in Europe.


  • My impression of IC Resources is good. This is first time I have contracted with my current company through IC Resources. 

    This is my 17th workplace (I previously did permanent jobs during my career) and after 20 years working in the wireless industry around Europe I am now placed in Finland – I believe this will be good experience to work with. 

    So far what I like about the IC Resources is :

    1)  I have a very simple straightforward contract with no need to edit too much from the beginning. Simplicity is what most high caliber consultants are looking for

    2) online timesheet and approval process

    3) professional recruiters.

    With best regards.

    AK, Finland. 9/17

  • It’s refreshing to work with IC Resources – they are insightful, efficient and equable in equal measure. They’ve clearly been as successful in finding the right consultants to head up their various divisions as they have been in finding us candidates of the highest calibre.


  • I’d like to give praise to Mrs. Rachel Anderson, in recommending me the current post I am working in. I believe she has done a great job discussing with my current manager the needs that they had. Even though I did not see myself as the strongest candidate because my focus was on different application, I am glad she strongly recommended to go ahead and apply.  Rachel was supportive and in constant contact between me and my new company, which made the progression to an offer quite smooth.

    Best regards,

    IG, Romania. 4/17

  • Parm managed to fill a contracting role for us at short notice. He understood very quickly what skill set and experience we were looking for, introduced us to just a few well-selected candidates and once a suitable consultant was identified, helped us with bringing him on board quickly. Always efficient, professional and friendly. I’m looking forward to doing business with Parm in the future.


  • I’m very grateful for the help and support Brett offered me in my search for my next position. Unlike some other recruiters I’ve dealt with, Brett stuck with me all the way until I was successful in getting a job offer. He was very supportive and personable throughout this journey and when it came to the crunch – when I suddenly had the luxurious opportunity to choose between two job offers – he didn’t put pressure on me to choose the one he had introduced me to.

    Best regards,

    RB, Cambridge. 8/17

  • I conducted dozens of searches and worked with many recruiters. I was extremely impressed with IC Resources’ professionalism and diligence in recruiting a senior leader for our China organization. In particular, Cyril Su was very well connected and responsive to our requirements. In addition, he was very supportive to our potential candidates.

    Silego Technology

  • I would like to take the opportunity to thank you and your team for your outstanding support. Not only did I always receive friendly and fast responses, the professional support also had a very positive effect on my interactions with my (now) new employer.

    Please be assured that I will recommend your company in the market.

    Many thanks again.

    CK, Germany. 8/17

  • You helped me find our Process Quality Engineer and he is the best thing that happened to me since I got married 🙂   I honestly don’t know how I would do without him today. BIG thank you !!!

    Client in Benelux

  • I just thought I’d give feedback about my recent contact with IC Resources and successful placement.

    I applied for a role via IC Resources on LinkedIn.  Emily then messaged me asking for more information, cv, etc, and before the day was out she had phoned me, discussed the role further, and put me through for consideration against a few other roles which she thought I was suitable for but I hadn’t seen. In the end it was one of those other roles that quickly turned into an interview, then a second interview, then an offer.

    Emily was very supportive throughout the process. Having been in my previous job for 17 years I was way out of practice when it came to interviews. Having come out of the first interview thinking I wasn’t right, it wasn’t right, it didn’t go well, etc, Emily talked it up, kept it open for me, and got me a second interview. Having had time to think, I recognised it for the opportunity it was, and made a focused and targeted effort for the presentation they’d requested for the second interview. It seemed to hit the right spot with them and it resulted in a great offer which I was happy to accept straight away.

    Please could you pass on my thanks to Emily and all at IC Resources for a great experience.

    Once again many thanks,

    HM, Andover. 8/17

  • I just wanted to convey how impressed I have been with Eva’s energy and persistence on our Eval Engineer search. It’s been going a long time (over a year or more?!?) and she has put forward many good candidates, unfortunately we have turned these down as we were learning what we were looking for. It must have been a little demotivating and frustrating, however I never saw any such signs from Eva. We have now come through the other side and we have not only secured a new hire starting next week – a perfect match for the team – but we are also now completing with a second role, Eval Manager.   We have engaged with a couple of other recruiters along the way and quite frankly they are nowhere to be seen!   In short: excellent service, great energy and great results.   Many thanks!

    HiLight Semiconductor

  • This is the second role IC Resources has helped me get. I have to say that Georgina was excellent. She understood both my level as a professional as well as my character, but more importantly she listened to what I wanted and where I was picturing myself in the next 5 or so years. Thus, all the interviews she set up for me could have been an exceptional fit. She stayed engaged and helpful and saw that everything went through from beginning to end.

    Now, one and a half months into my new role I feel very confident that I will be able to progress my career the way I wanted to.

    I am a firm believer in building relationships and I would like you to know that when the time comes, IC Resources will be the people I contact to help me find my next career move.
    Until then I wish to you and the company the very best of luck.

    Kind regards,

    SMR, Cambridge. 8/17

  • I can definitely say that IC Resources is one of the best-specialized recruitment companies in the semiconductor industry. It is obvious that IC Resources is working proactively to identify very good candidates worldwide.

    Austria Microsystems

  • May I take this opportunity to give my personal impression on the recruiting process with Mr. Peter Markl, IC Resources’ country manager for Germany earlier this year.

    Why a success story? Let me summarize the highlights.

    I had the first contact with Mr. Markl in December 2015. At that time he found me a job opportunity with a high level of responsibility and an almost perfect match to my experience and skills. For personal reasons I was not prepared at that time.

    One year later  Mr. Markl caught up with me again. Living the last 15 years in Switzerland  I was impressed with his network in Germany and his strategies to select potential new companies in new edge technologies. As a result it took only a few months for a decision to join a new employer fulfilling my requirements.

    He has perfectly managed to bring people together at the right time in the right place.

    I wish him and your team all the best.

    Best regards,

    DS, Munich. 7/17

  • IC Resources found a wide range of possible candidates and provided a level of pre-screening that was highly compatible with our recruitment process. IC Resources proved to be very responsive in all aspects of the recruitment process and we found that they handled all aspects of the arrangements for candidate interviews and provided timely responses to all communications.


  • Thanks for the wonderful experience.

    I would like to thank IC Resources and especially Caroline for such a smooth transition. Caroline is very professional in her approach and also has a good understanding of the IC industry and problems that can arise in job transition in this industry.

    Thanks again for this experience.


    AS. Dublin. 6/17

  • …Als Moderator zwischen den Kandidaten und uns hatte Peter Markl dabei eine Schlüsselfunktion und den ganzen Ablauf bis hin zum Vertragsabschluss lückenlos und bestens begleitet. Wir werden auch weiterhin mit der IC Resources zusammenarbeiten und können sie uneingeschränkt weiterempfehlen !

    Inova Semiconductors GmbH

  • I have settled in very well in my new role – it perfectly matches my experience.

    Finding this job was made possible by the excellent semiconductor insider knowledge of Jeff Budd. I will definitely recommend IC Resources to anyone looking for a job in semi/electronics industry.

    Thanks again to you and your team for being the best recruitment company. I have been in contact with 30+ technology recruiters in europe, none came even close to IC Resources.

    Best regards,

    IE, Germany. 7/17

  • I have been recruiting engineers for approximately 20 years and the service provided by IC Resources has surpassed all others by far. We have recently started recruiting again and once again I am getting the same prompt service. There has at no point been any “hard sell” as I have found with some agencies.

    TDK-Lambda UK

  • I would like to say that Ms Caroline was the only person in Europe that was able to find me the graduate position I wanted. The position I got is the position I dreamed for and meets all my expectations. It was a pleasure to work with Caroline, she is attentive, professional, kind, friendly and she took care of everything during the whole process (interviews, relocation etc…). You can be proud of having Caroline in your team.

    Many thanks to Ms Caroline for this fabulous job and many thanks to IC Resources team’s. I would recommend IC Resources with no hesitation to every job seeker.

    Kind regards,

    MB, Cork. 6/17

  • It is a pleasure to work with IC Resources. Unlike many other agencies they do not spend time exhorting their superior qualities. They just get on with the job by researching both client and candidate to ensure a good fit of potential employee thus saving time and effort for us as well as providing some excellent applicants for our specialist roles.

    Amplifier Technology

  • It was a great experience working with Leon.

    Hunting for the right opportunity for the next career move is not an easy task for individuals in our sector, but thanks to Leon’s (and IC Resources’) extensive network, he managed to secure interviews with potential employers within a very short time.

    His follow-ups and honest and motivating comments, before and after each interview, definitely helped me in my job search.

    The job hunt has become a complex task in today’s market; so you’ll need everything in your arsenal to get the job you want… and IC Resources is a must have in that arsenal. 

    Best regards,

    AC, Turkey. 6/17

  • We’ve been using IC Resources for our engineering recruitment for over five years. I feel they have a good understanding of our needs and great connections within the industry, and this saves us a huge amount of time wading through CVs from that aren’t going to be right for our needs. The high wheat-to-chaff ratio of their candidates means I can get on with adding value to our business, and not get bogged down filtering out endless CVs from people that won’t be right for us.


  • I had a great experience with IC Resources when applying for my current position.

    In particular, I would like to thank Chris Wyatt for his constant support and motivation during the interviews and afterwards. He was very attentive and even provided me with a list of useful tips and advice for the interviews, which helped me prepare. What I appreciated the most was his quick reply and the fact that he tried to help me in all the steps from the beginning of the applications until the final move. He was simply always easy to reach and kept close contact with me, not to mention that he offered me feedback really quickly, which helped speed up the application process. In addition, he also rearranged the interviews/meetings on my behalf when I had to shift some appointments due to holiday. From all the recruiters I have been in contact with, I can only say that he was one of the most professional ones, so please tell him a big “thank you” from my side! I highly appreciated his responsiveness and the fact that he always provided me with quick and detailed information about the status of my application.

    All in all, I had a wonderful experience with IC Resources and I hope you all keep up the good work!

    Kind regards,

    AC, Bristol. 6/17

  • Looking back over your selection of CVs I am struck by the candidates’ high calibre and your excellent matching of their skills to meet our needs. The personal attention you have paid, to helping us build a well balanced team, is much appreciated.


  • I worked with Shaun at IC Resources in my recent search for a job role. 

    What I found refreshing from the start was that Shaun understood the market that I was interested in and understood the role that I wanted.  There was no confusion and as a result it made our discussions much easier.  As I went through the recruitment process Shaun was great to keep in touch and let me know even when there was no update.  He was proactive and I felt represented me well. 

    I’d have no hesitation in recommending Shaun and the team at IC Resources to my colleagues. 

    EG, Dublin. 5/17

  • In September 2008, CSR formed a PSL which IC Resources are included on. This PSL is reviewed every 6 months and due to consistently good statistics they have remained on the PSL. We have a good relationship with all of the consultants and find their service to be professional, efficient and reliable.


  • Thank you for the help received from IC-resources.

    The whole recruiting process conducted by Brett Lofthouse was great and I felt at every step like I was being rigorously informed about every single detail related to the job.

    I would like to point out that this was not the only good thing… Since he helped me, not just in job-related stuff, but also when it came to finding flights for the interviews, when it came to finding a place to live once I had accepted the job offer and even offering help finding a job for my partner in a near future.

    I have to say that I am very thankful and that it has been a pleasure working with you guys.

    Thank you.

    FPF, Spain. 4/17

  • It is a pleasure to work with IC Resources. Unlike many other agencies they do not spend time exhorting their superior qualities.They just get on with the job by researching both client and candidate to ensure a good fit of potential employee thus saving time and effort for us as well as providing some excellent applicants for our specialist roles.

    INQ mobile

  • During the fall of the last year, after an Internship in the US, I made contact with many recruiters on Linkedin. Caroline Pye from IC-Resources was the first one to make me feel comfortable, since she did not push to put me somewhere but she left me the time and gave me the opportunity to decide.

    I am extremely satisfied with Caroline and IC-Resources, I had the opportunity to choose my job, receiving in the end an offer from three companies. I also had to ask for further advice from Robert Maw and I can’t say enough how good his support was. I am now working as DV engineer in a dynamic multicultural office with big visions for the digital electronics market. I am enjoying my new position with the amazing team that is mentoring me, but if I ever get bored I know who to call to successfully find a new, exciting role.

    Thank you IC-Resources!

    SD, France. 4/17

  • IC Resources has been working tirelessly on finding a very key profile for UserZoom which they achieved where other agencies have not been able to deliver. The regular contact, attention to detail and candidness all contributed to making this work. They are now working exclusively on our 2nd key commercial hire which I have utmost confidence they will come through on.


  • Dave Dixon was very patient, professional and supportive throughout my career switching process. He was always helping me by following up with the company on my hiring or interview status. It is extremely rare to find such dedicated recruiter. I think IC resources is very lucky to have him.

    Please help me to give Dave a big thank you hug for me. I am very lucky and grateful for crossing paths with him and IC Resources.


    KY, Malaysia. 4/17

  • Whether you need strong candidates or a new challenge you can’t go wrong when you work with the team at IC Resources. Great service coupled with some of the best roles in the business makes IC Resources my first stop for recruitment.


  • My experience with your company was great and I am really grateful to you. Rebecca was professional with me, she always followed up throughout the recruiting process (which was long, because at that time I worked in the Netherlands and I was looking to come back to Italy) with continued updates by phone and email.

    Kind regards,

    RI, Italy. 4/17

  • I have had the pleasure to work with John on finding top-notch experts to join our creative business team. John has a tremendous drive and energy to seek the results which leave you extremely satisfied. I was very pleased for the integrity of John and his adaption on criteria we were after. I have no hesitation to recommend John and will look forward to work with him in future assignments again.


  • It seems working in engineering, you can easily become bombarded with emails and calls from recruiters – to the point where it becomes nothing but noise and spam. This is definitely not the case with IC Resources however. I only ever receive targeted and useful information when I need it, with a personal touch that tailors to my specific skills and work experience. As such, I’ve kept a good working relationship with them, and Eva, in particular, over the years and have been placed 3 times now in great jobs as a direct result of their efforts.
    So, I have nothing but praise for IC Resources, and Eva, and wouldn’t hesitate to recommended them to other engineers.

    OK, High Wycombe. 4/17

  • I want to thank you and your team for contacting me and connecting me to my new company.

    It was a great experience to work with you. It was always a nice and open communication, with updates about progress and next steps.

    I’m happy that with your networking this connection, I succeed in my new position.

    Best regards,

    ML, Germany. 4/17

  • It was great working with Leon and he put extra effort to find me a suitable job. I was fortunate to work with Leon first time I came to UK as well and that was a fantastic experience too.

    AH, London. 3/17

  • Caroline Pye was very professional and helpful with my applications, and also very efficient concerning the overall logistics for interviews. She was also very accurate about the posts she proposed me for discussion, they were all interesting and within my field of expertise. Caroline was very attentive during the whole visa application process which took about three months. She was also available to answer all my questions, at all times. I honestly couldn’t ask for a better adviser. 

    Once more, thanks to your organisation IC Resources and to Caroline for the assistance provided during my job search.

    FE, France. 3/17

  • In my opinion, IC Resources is one of the most professional recruitment companies that I have worked with. Leon is a top notch recruiter who exactly understands the needs of the candidate and guides appropriately. He was very good to work with and without a doubt the best bet for any analog designer to find the right position. He has such a deep knowledge of analog design that all the options that he presented to me were very relevant to my background.

    I would also like mention the support that Leon offered me after I moved over to the UK. When I was really puzzled and panicked about the impact of the UK triggering article 50 on me and my family who is yet to join me here in the UK. Leon went to the extent of consulting with a legal specialist and giving me some valuble advice on how to go about securing our status in this country. I am really thankful to him for all the help and support.

    To sum up, I am very glad to have worked with IC resources in finding the right job for me in the right company. I would give a 5 star rating to IC resources and recommed to my comrades without any hesitation.

    Thanks and regards,

    SV, Germany. 3/17

  • Honestly, I had a great experience with IC Resources in particular Leon, Ane and Robert. Leon really helped me in pitching in properly with new companies.

    Also, I would like to mention I was attended on all my concerns in a very prompt manner. 

    I have already recommended IC Resources to many of my friends. Hope you guys continue doing a fabulous job!

    Best Regards,

    AS, Erlangen. 3/17

  • I was contacted by 46 different companies who made all sorts of promises to get me back in work, but that was the last I heard from most of them.

    Dave Sharman contacted me about 4 weeks ago, and after our telephone interview he was very positive that he could get me back to work. Interest was made by one company, but Dave still pursued options with other companies. An interview was arranged with a second company and after a positive 2 hour interview and a second 2 hour interview, an offer of employment was made. Dave contacted me at 7.30pm on a Friday night to inform me of the good news, and of a very good package (which he negotiated on my behalf).

    Even if there wasn’t any news during the application process, Dave would ring me to inform me that he was still sending emails and pushing for a start date. Dave’s hard work and effort are second to none and I would just like you to know of my appreciation of his total commitment and professionalism to get people back to work.

    Kind Regards,

    GW, Gloucester. 3/17

  • My new job seems to be a very positive move, I enjoy my new position and look forward with optimism.

    Martina did a really outstanding job and was always friendly and helpful. You can feel proud to have her in your team.

    Best regards,

    RB, Germany. 3/17

  • Regarding feedback, I found the interview arrangements, setting up and (after offer was made) all the paperwork, quite seamless. Also, for a number of questions regarding some practicalities with my Ltd company, I was very pleased with the help and guidance received. 

    Kind regards,

    LT, Farnborough. 3/17

  • Simon was responsive throughout the recruitment process and provided clarity, he followed up rigorously with the employer and candidate to get the recruitment process moving. He showed interest to understand the candidate’s expectations and answered all questions before and after the interview, including key questions in the contract offer. Overall a pleasant and engaging experience. Keep it up!

    RC, London. 2/17

  • I have only good words for Ane. She provided all the assistance I needed, without using much of my time and hers. I liked very much the opportunities I have been offered and am very pleased with your services. I will certainly recommend you to some friends that are looking for new opportunities. 

    With my best regards,

    RP, Copenhagen. 2/17

  • I just wanted to convey my gratitude in the way I was dealt with by IC Resources in locating employment. Communication was key, the way Eva Carey spoke and kept me informed was fantastic and very professional right through to negotiation.

    I was able to secure employment within a week of speaking with Eva, not only that, I was able to have an interview within 2 days of sending in my CV. This is amazing when you consider, how many clients IC resources must speak with on a daily basis.

    Many thanks to Eva and staff at IC resources.

    Best regards,

    YB, Portsmouth. 2/17

  • I came into contact with Marta via LinkedIn while looking through some openings that IC Resources was promoting.

    Unlike others in her profession, she gave it to me straight and went into depth on what I wanted. She kept in touch over time to check in on my situation even if she did not have the perfect job yet to fit my profile. I was really impressed by her follow up and dedication.

    Around December she arranged an interview for me at my current employer. At first I was not really sure if this was the job for me, but she convinced me so I took the interview. I was sold immediately. I got the job and to tell the truth, I couldn´t be more happy here. The first month was already a huge success.

    In short, Marta stood by me for almost half a year to help me with the very hard task of a Belgian finding work in Germany. She deserves credit for the hard work and her personal investment as does your company.

    A big thanks from me to give me a next step in my career.

    Warm regards,

    ES, Germany. 2/17

  • My experience with IC was amazing, definitely. Rebecca has been really helpful and professional.

    Wish you all the best.


    DO, Milan. 2/17

  • My experience with IC Resources was very good. Emily was really helpful and approachable during my job hunting process and I appreciate her professional and heartening advice. A million thanks.

    Best Regards,

    SK, London. 2/17

  • After one month in my new role, I am very glad that Chris contacted me and helped me to find this great position in Paris!

    It was a great chance to have as well prepared and nice person as Chris assisting me during my job search and I will always be grateful to him.

    I wish you all the best for your career as well!


    AS, Lausanne. 2/17

  • I appreciated a lot the first conversations when the target was to understand my experiences and ambitions. Also, I enjoyed to receive feedback on my CV when I made reasonable adjustments to best show my qualifications

    We went through a selected set of positions open at that time with a good level of detail. We analyzed and we selected the ones that best matched my profile.

    I also had received contacts from several other recruiters and I decided to stay with IC-Resources due the commitment to understand the candidate expectations more than just forward opportunities and request permission to submit CVs.

    Best regards,

    TC, Hertfordshire. 2/17

  • I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to IC Resources. 

    Especially big thanks to Caroline for having been always available, not only this time, but all along my career so far. Your professionalism as well as your knowledge of the industry really is second to none. I hope we will be in touch in the future. 

    Best regards,

    DAT, Cork. 2/17

  • Simon was responsive throughout the recruitment process and provided clarity. Followed up rigorously with the employer and myself to get the recruitment process moving. Showed interest to understand my expectations. Answered questions before and after interview and answered key questions in contract offer. Shown genuine interest in my feedback on the employer after inteviews. Did not push me to take the job even though the interview process went positive.

    Overall a pleasant and engaging experience. Keep it up!

    Thank you,

    RC, London. 2/17

  • I started working with my new company as a sales manager, due to the co-operation with Martina from IC-Resources.

    Throughout my job search, I have been in contact with several recruiters/head hunters and I must say, that Martina was the best that I had worked with. From the very first contact, all the way to signing my contract, Martina was very friendly and professional. She was able to show interest in me and my qualifications, as well as taking my preferences into consideration, while finding the right opportunity for me.

    During the recruitment process, Martina had provided me with a lot of support regarding providing information on the companies that I had interviews with, as well as detailed job descriptions, ensuring that I was well-prepared for my interviews. After the interviews, Martina was also very quick and accurate with providing me with feedback.

    I found my experience with IC-Resources to be a great one and I would definitely recommend it to any acquaintances who would be on the search for a new job. In fact, I already did that to two friends of mine.

    I would like to thank Martina and IC-Resources for the great co-operation and helping me to find my new position.

    Best Regards,

    MI, Munich. 1/17

  • I had a very positive experience working with Emma Windows in my search for a new role. All that time, you had given me excellent opportunities for new roles, including my current role. If I seek a new role in the future, you would be the first to contact.

    Kind regards,

    PF, Cheltenham. 1/17

  • I wanted to thank you and your team, especially Katie Wallace who I have been talking to most of the time. She did an amazing Job and provided really accurate tips to help me through the process. She was 100% implicated from the beginning to the end. What I particularly liked with her was that she always gave me feedback (even when I failed a first interview). She didn’t let me down like many other agencies and that makes all the difference!. 

    Thanks again for everything to all your team and I wish you success. 

    Best Regards, 

    GP, Aylesbury. 1/17

  • I would like to underline the work of Eva which was absolutely brilliant. Fast answer to email, always reachable by phone, resourceful and in tune with my needs to propose me the best opportunities.

    I would also like to thank IC Resources for their professionalism and competence.

    JO, France. 1/17

  • My experience with IC Resources has been very positive. I dealt with both Danielle and Eva, who were each very helpful, pleasant, proactive and good to their word at all times.

    Having changed jobs more than twice in recent years, I had also tried with a number of other agencies: I can say that IC have, by far, been the best.

    Thank you for helping me to find a job that I’m very pleased to be doing and to have my career back on track.

    DC, Reading. 12/16

  • I had great success throughout the hiring process with the support of Seamus Hayes. I am really happy with him as a professional and how he followed my progress, which was quite complicated. He never gave up throughout the process and got me the best result possible.

    JM, Dublin. 12/16

  • I’ve settled in really quickly in my new role, much quicker than other roles and I’m really confident it was the right choice for me.

    Working with Emma was a pleasure. She is really professional and makes you feel like you’re in good hands, but also very friendly and chatty and it’s been great not having that formal barrier throughout the process. She also offered really good advice on my future path which I really took in and ended up being really happy with my final choice which I do have Emma to thank for in part.

    I would definitely recommend you to other people in the future!


    TCS, London. 11/16

  • It was a pleasant experience to deal with Jeff Budd, Jeff was very efficient in his communication and returned every phone call I have made to IC resources immediately – that is not common these days and I really appreciate that. Also, his friendly and helpful attitude made things so much easier. I wish that every recruiting agency would offer first class services like IC Resources does, particularly Jeff Budd and his colleagues that I dealt with.

    PJ, Austria, 11/16

  • For 6 years I was working on a big project for a car manufacturer in northern Europe. When it went into production I decided to try something new and uploaded my resume to a database on Internet. Within just a few days I was contacted by a representative from IC resources that told me that my profile had been matched to an open position at an automotive supplier in the Munich area. Moving to another country to live and work has been part of the family plan for some years and when the chance appeared we decided to go for it!

    Communication with my agent, Anastasia, was very fluent, efficient and transparent and she managed to arrange both a telephone interview and then an interview on site very quickly.

    Within just a few weeks it became apparent that me and my family were actually going to move abroad! During this time I was still very engaged and busy with my former job and to me it was very valuable that she kept the dialogue with the employer ongoing. Also, since the working climate and culture differs a bit between the countries, she really helped me to prepare for the interviews and understand the employers terms etc.

    I am very satisfied with IC Resources and can definitely recommend their service.

    Best Regards,

    AD, Munich. 10/16

  • My new role is very challenging and I appreciate it very much.

    Thanks to Rachel for her professionalism. She is excellent at her job and she impressed me very much with her view of the market and of the customer. According to my CV and after a phone call, she was able to define 3 roles which would suit me and her clients. At the end of the journey, I received an offer from each of them. It’s so amazing. You have lots of luck to have such good people in your team.

    I’m sure that I will continue to follow you and probably also will need your service for my new employer or myself (not a plan for the moment).

    Wish you all the best for IC Resources.

    Best regards,

    ES, Switzerland. 9/16

  • I have settled already well at my new job. I have the biggest appreciation for Alex for his professional work and smooth solution of the final two offers.

    I would also like to mention Emma and also Georgina who was very supportive – it was always good to speak to her.

    Thank you very much for great cooperation, professional approach and great new position.

    Best Regards,

    MB, Cambridge. 9/16

  • I was very pleased to be in contact with IC Resources to find a new job. Anna helped me a lot and I particularly appreciate the fact that she was very concerned about finding me a job.

    Thank you so much for the job! I’ll keep in touch for sure!

    AA, France. 9/16

  • Anastasia Michurina offered a great service and support in answering my questions in terms of the job position and the company.  She acted open-minded, always helpful and realistic during our conversations. I felt to be well looked after. Another recruiter from IC Resources was responsible for me prior to Anastasia. So, there was a break in assistance, which was not that negative for me because the result was convincing, but it was not as smooth as it could have been.

    When the time comes to move on in some years, I will surely consider IC Resources as an excellent option.

    SW, Germany. 9/16

  • I am writing this email to thank Dave Dixon for his help in my career search.

    Dave Dixon is a very nice, kind and professional career adviser. He helped me to find the job I am interested and looking for.

    It was a very nice and positive experience to work with Dave. Thank you for IC Resources’ support and I wish you all the best.

    Best regards,

    YY, Bristol. 9/16

  • I had been recruited through your company 4 years ago, I was in contact with Caroline Pye at that point and it went very well. So I contacted your company when I decided to look for a new opportunity – Eva has been lovely and very professional to help me to find a job.

    Overall, a very good experience. I have been in contact with several recruitment companies and most of them don’t provide the same service. Most of them make you feel just like an object to sell. IC resources is way better in that and I encourage you to keep on giving a personal attention to people.

    Best regards,

    LM, France. 8/16

  • I wanted to let you know that I had a great experience working with Eva to find a new role. Eva was able to quickly find roles that matched my experience, skills and career plans. She was a great help navigating through the various interview processes and acting as an intermediary. I will recommend IC resources and Eva in particular to anyone else that I hear is searching for a new role.

    All the best,

    CM, Cambridge. 8/16

  • I have to say, my experience with your company has been pretty amazing. Georgina far exceeded my expectations of a recruitment consultant and took time to understand what I wanted from my next role. This is in stark contrast to most consultants that matched keywords with my salary expectations. As a result, I have ended up in an ideal role without compromising on salary (always a good thing) or location.

    So I would like to say a big thank you to you and your team. I definitely won’t hesitate to use you in the future if I need to.

    Kind regards,

    KK, Hertfordshire. 8/16

  • My experience with IC Resources has been excellent. My sincere thanks to Georgina for pursuing this opportunity for me. If it would not have been her persuasion, I would probably have not gone for it as neither I was looking for any opportunity nor I was thinking of changing my job at that time. So all credit to her.

    I have dealt with few other people of IC Resources in the past as well, namely Tom, Danielle and my experience with all of them has been very good. I must say you have really excellent people in your organisation.

    Thanks again and very best regards.

    AS, Colchester. 8/16

  • Brett was very easy to talk to and came across very well. 

    Not pushy like the others, or trying to understand your position without first listening. Very easy process.

    Thanks Brett!

    AP, Cheltenham. 8/16

  • I’d just like to say it’s been a great pleasure working with Eva and IC Resources in general.  Eva was responsible for finding me my previous role which turned out to be a major step in my career development, hence the reason I contacted her again on this occasion.  Needless to say I was presented with a large selection of roles and was able to find the perfect job in line with my career aspirations.  What made me come back to IC Resources and will continue to do so is that fact that the roles presented to me are relevant to my technical experience and personal goals.  My feedback on interviews is listened to and there is no pressure on me to move forward if I have any doubts about whether the role is for me.

    Many thanks.

    JM, Milton Keynes. 7/16

  • My experience with IC has been great. I began looking for jobs in October 2015 and I contacted three different recruiters from your company. All of them gave me a kind, professional and effective service, achieving in almost all the cases an interview arrangement for me. Even looking for jobs from my home town, they gave me the opportunity to show my potential through Skype or telephone interviews. Caroline kept in touch with me until I was hired, showing her professionalism until the last email.

    Thank you very much. I hope you continue your business helping people to find their job and developing their careers. IC Resources has my full recommendation on this matter.

    Kind regards,

    JE, Edinburgh. 6/16

  • I can’t thank Chris enough for the support I had from him. All through the process, Chris had been very active in communicating and assisted me in making the right decisions. Diving into the first job is exciting and nerve wracking. I had got another job offer but my present job role was too good to resist. THANK YOU!

    SG, Loughborough. 6/16

  • I would like to say that your agency, and Eva in particular, were very helpful when I was looking for a new job. Eva communicated with me by email and telephone and organised my interview very promptly at a time to suit my other commitments. As a result I was offered the job and I now have a position in a cutting edge company producing an interesting and exciting product. I hope to be able to contribute to my new employer for years to come.

    Best Regards,

    BC, Worcester. 5/16

  • I would just like to say that having worked with Dan, Tom, Dane and now Rob on numerous roles over the years that it is always a pleasure doing business with you guys, you’re the first agency I look at when looking for a new role. Keep up the good work and I look forward to continuing a working relationship in the future.
    Best regards,

    FK, Greater London. 5/16

  • I just wanted to say thank you for all of your help in getting me the new role. I would never have come across the job without you suggesting it to me and I thought you had a great appreciation for the relevant skills needed in a product design role like that. In fact, you correctly judged the position to be more of a lead design engineer which the company themselves hadn’t quite appreciated – if I had seen the job advertised on their website I probably would not have applied.

    So thanks again, 3 weeks in it is all going great!

    Best of luck for the future.

    GC, Leamington Spa. 5/16

  • I can spend just beautiful words for the effort, the effectiveness and the efficiency that Ane demonstrated to me. I was a little skeptical in the beginning on how could be really useful a recruitment agency instead of doing everything by myself.

    I was followed in the whole process, with an accurate analysis of what could fit best my needs, not only for my job but also for my personal life (advices about different countries, cities, roles, companies etc..).

    I will strongly recommend Ane and your company in the future as I’ll have the opportunity to do it.

    MS, Italy. 5/16

  • Thank you to IC Creative and Sukhi for helping me find and get this awesome job at my new company in Bristol. Things are going really well and I’m finding the work very interesting.

    As someone who is likely to one day be hiring other UX professionals, I will certainly be contacting IC-Creative for helping searching for the right candidates.

    Thank you so much again!

    GY, London. 5/16

  • It has been really a pleasure to be in contact with Nicole all along my recruiting process, she has been constantly supporting me very proactively. Her sharp ability to understand candidate’s skills and employer’s requirements in order to make the best match is definitely the quality I appreciated most, and I would recommend her as a recruiter anytime (I’ve actually already done it once!).

    LV, Austria. 3/16

  • I was rejected by other head hunters and recruiting companies who didn’t think I was worth the effort. Thanks to the skillful eye of James and Dan they knew to place me within a large company which couldn’t be happier with me and the skills I bring to the table.

    I will be forever grateful to IC Resources for seeing in me what others refused to give a chance, Dan was an amazing contact to have as he was certain to provide the tips for success, as well as when asking for a call back, not immediately calling if I was 5 minutes late calling him!

    IC Resources is the best recruiter service with a heartfelt and friendly approach making the whole process much more inviting in the end.

    AW, The Netherlands. 2/16

  • About my experience with IC resources, it was very nice to talk with Ane Bauer. She was efficient and found several very interesting offers from companies I didn’t know. I passed interviews on the phone with two companies. My profile didn’t suit the first company but the second one was very interested.

    I was interviewed then on skype and in Ireland to be finally hired. IC resources were so efficient I was hired in a month.

    Thanks for your work,

    FD, Ireland. 2/16

  • My contacts within IC were Marta Robjohns (my primary contact) and Ben Lerch.  Both very professional and anytime I talked to them very friendly.

    I was looking for a job for a period of 6-months and I had contact with many companies, that call themselves professional. Some were totally uncoordinated and clueless. But IC had a plan and the contacts combined with good preparation in advance to interviews and good follow up!

    It needed just about 6 weeks to find me a job – great. Whenever I hear in the future of someone looking for a new job, I´ll make the contact to IC.

    SK, Germany. 2/16

  • My experience of dealing with IC Resources (both Georgina and Adel) was very positive.  Unlike some other agents, they only contacted me about roles which were very relevant to my skills and experience and the feedback I got through the process was positive.  I’m very happy with the position which Adel helped me to find.

    DG, Swindon. 2/16

  • The collaboration with IC Resources, in my case with Ben, was very professional, accurate and trustful. People may say, that this is a needed standard, but ICR in addition could support me with recommendations, insights and references, which were very valuable for me in the application – but also in the decision process.

    Many thanks and best regards.

    SR, Germany. 2/16

  • I am really very much impressed about the way IC Resources helped me with my job search. Ben, and in his absence Adel, were very competent, eager and showed the right amount of urgency to make this finally happen. My sincere thanks to both of them and anybody else in your team who supported this. You can be sure that I will refer all people I know looking for a job in the IC industry to IC Resources!

    Yours sincerely

    RG, Germany. 2/16

  • I would like to say that I see IC Resources as one of the “pro-active” agents (there aren’t many) in the market and have had an excellent experience throughout the years dealing with your organisation, not only for recruiting but also for searching for my next challenge.

    James is simply a great guy. Very communicative, pro-active and thinks out the box when it comes to placement (I know that sounds a bit corny but it is what it is!!). I have known James for probably about 10 years now and see him as a very strong asset within the IC Resources organisation.

    I plan to keep in touch and hopefully get the opportunity to recruit some top class individuals, of course with your help, as we expand across the EMEA region.

    Thanks and best regards, 

    General Manager, EMEA

    SM, Cambridgeshire. 1/16

  • I used your company services, to get my most recent role.

    Adrian Wagstaff, who was the consultant from IC Resources, was most helpful in every step of the process and made sure the proper communication and understanding, between the parties, was achieved.

    I would love to use IC Resources again if I decide to search for new job again.

    YG, Sofia. 1/16

  • I can only spend good words about James who I have been in contact with since four years or so. James is very professional, experienced, gives good advice and follow things up properly.

    In fact, what impressed me most in James is that he has always kept me updated about the status of the recruiting process, which differentiates James from other headhunters I have been in touch with.

    James knew I was actively looking for a new challenge last year.  My preference was a chipset company but he contacted me to present me with this new role feeling that the position, based on my previous experiences, was a very good fit for me.

    I can not say he was not right….

    RC, Stockholm. 1/16

  • I am more than happy to provide feedback regarding my experience with IC-Resources and in particular I cannot praise Seamus enough for the hard work and the attention to details he had to secure my first contract at my new company.

    Seamus has been very informative and patient with me and one of the things I did really appreciate was his genuine interest in making sure the assignment was running as smooth as possible and the payments prompt. During the first two weeks of the assignment he was regularly calling me to check that everything was all right, a kind of personal touch that is quite rare to find with some agencies nowadays.

    Finally, a big thank you to all the people behind

    Kind Regards

    ER, Swindon. 12/15

  • I would like to thank Georgina for her efforts in helping me secure my new role. Initially she started with good understanding my job requirements and expectations while presenting me the various options. During different phases of the job search process she was very proactive and kept me updated on the situation. Finally during the negotiations she was transparent and professional, providing great insight into the thinking process of the other side.

    After talking to various recruiters, I can definitely recommend Georgina as a reliable person ready to go the extra mile to provide successful outcome. She is a great credit to IC Resources and I really recommend her and IC Resources as a valuable business partners.

    TM, Fleet. 12/15

  • I am very satisfied with the support your company has provided me. Especially, I would like to thank Danielle Jackson, who was very involved, always eager to contact the other side for any additional information I would need. She reacted very quickly, was anytime ready to speak and really looked after me. She has been very professional.

    The role, company and environment I work are the best I had ever chance to work in. It will be my pleasure to recommend your company to anyone who might look for new opportunities.

    ML, Cambridge. 12/15

  • I have only positive thoughts about my collaboration with IC Resources. Caroline was very focused on my wishes. She was patient enough to support me in finding the right job. (I refused two job offers during my collaboration with Caroline). Thanks to her and IC Resources I learned about my new job and now I am very exciting to be part of their team.

    Thank you once again!

    I wish you lots of success for the future!

    AA, Dresden. 12/15

  • Your services are excellent. You have very high quality clients and you have in-depth knowledge of what the clients look for.  You have materials that prepare the candidate for well targeting the specific technology questions that the client looks for.  I recommend you to all others who look for new opportunities. 


    GS, Cambridge. 12/15

  • I want to say great thank you to IC Resources, especially to Anastasia for her work: 

    She reacted immediately and managed to provide feedback about current open job positions very fast, also contacted directly big companies by my specialisation.

    She handle the hiring process on a high professional level. All communication process about new job was very efficient and straightforward and, as result, I got my current position.

    SP, Frankfurt. 12/15

  • This is my third experience working with Georgina since 2012. The first attempt was not successful and I found the job myself. I had another successful experience for a job in 2013. And, recently, my new company.

    In all three times that I worked with Georgina, she was really, really helpful and I had piece of mind on my job hunting. She understood my situation very well and looked for the right job for me. She was so quick and on time too –  I never had to phone her and chase anything. She had organised everything before I needed to worry.

    If I want to find a job again (hopefully, not in near future), I’ll contact her straight away. I am so impressed with her passion and responsibility.

    I wish Georgina and IC Resources best of luck.

    HI, Cambridge. 11/15

  • I would like to thank you for your very open, honest and professional service that led me to accepting a job offer recently.  From the outset, Leon provided a very clear overview of the job market sector I was interested in, both in terms of possible locations as well as helpful information about companies in each area.  Whilst the job that I accepted was the one I initially approached IC resources about, other relevant potential opportunities of which I would otherwise have been unaware, were highlighted for my consideration.  Leon was a proactive communicator throughout and overall I could not have wished for a better experience or outcome.

    Hopefully not for some time, but if I find myself requiring a new job in the future then I will not hesitate to contact you again. 

    JB, Hampshire. 11/15

  • From the moment I made contact with IC Resources (following an approach email relayed by a colleague) I was treated in a very courteous and professional manner.  Lisa fully explained the opportunity, asked pertinent questions about my own circumstances, described the situation advertised, outlined the company ethos and the particular role responsibilities, then determined that I would be a suitable candidate.  Subsequent to the submittal of my CV, I was quickly contacted by ICR to arrange a suitable interview date, before which I was pre-briefed with regards the interviewers and their typical competence based technique.  Throughout the process I felt that Lisa was contactable and supportive of my application.

    I was fortunate to receive a quick offer of employment and Lisa negotiated acceptable terms on my behalf that met the recruiters budget.  I have now been employed with the new firm for over a month and am very much enjoying my new role. 

    Many thanks to Lisa and the IC-Resources team.

    GB, Dorset. 11/15

  • I’m completely happy about the invaluable support I received during the whole hiring process. Anna Cassell was always available for me, and she gave me a lot of advice. She’s been very patient with me, and what I felt was that I was being supported by someone who really cared.

    GT, Rome. 10/15

  • About my experience with IC Resources: it was very positive.

    I was looking for a job for a while, and only with you I was able to find a new opportunity.

    I can only say thank you to IC-Resources!

    RL, Munich. 10/15

  • A brief note to thank your team for the professionalism and speed with which they were able to offer me a number of possible positions – one of which I was pleased to accept – when I found myself unexpectedly available!

    I single out both Adrian Wagstaff – with whom I have discussed a number of possibilities over the last few years – and Chris Wyatt, who negotiated the position I now hold. Other members of your team were equally helpful.

    Once again, many thanks.

    NB, Hemel Hempstead. 9/15

  • I’ve been in touch with IC-resources during the last few years mostly working with Caroline Pye. The level of service was always above any expectations, which was clearly supported by prompt response time and highly proactive style of work.

    Caroline is highly professional and dedicated person able to understand clearly the candidate’s job requirements. Caroline is always perfectly following all the essential elements of the recruitment ethics while demonstrating excellent individual approach. The quality of her service

    was always above any expectations. I should strongly recommend Caroline as the main recruitment contact to anyone who is looking for new career move within ASIC/SoC industry.


    Many thanks for your collaboration and hard work.

    ES, Sheffield. 9/15

  • IC Resources found me a position which is very suited to my skills and fulfills my images about ideal service job. I am very grateful to Jeff for his friendly, dynamic and constructive attitude. He moved things along quickly, was available to answer my questions and I was regularly contacted regarding any new info or request from prospective employer. In summary, it was a very professional service and would be happy to use IC Resources again if the need was there.

    Thanks a lot!

    PB, Brno. 9/15

  • 3 months ago I found my new position. It happened only thanks to you. I spent a 1 year before it with a lot of interviews but without any results. 

    But your manager, Anastasia, made a very good application and I was invited to phone-interview. 3 weeks later I was invited for face-to-face interview… and got a job offer in next 4 days.

    Anastasia contacted with me with a big attention, I’m very thankful to her! She tried to help me in each of practical cases (logistic, hotel, timetable of transport) and give me some psychological advice (how to pass the interview).

    She is definitely a reason of success of my last career step. I wish all the best for her!

    PS   I’m very happy and I’m planning to relocate my family in this year. 

    AB, Moscow. 9/15

  • This is the second time I engaged with IC Resources for contracting. And all both times everything was smooth and staffs are very co-operative and always supportive. 

    I really appreciate your effort to maintain a high standard of service.

    BH, Maidenhead. 9/15

  • Alex was frank in letting me know that my profile was quite different from clients he usually dealt with. However, he was able to find me a position that matched my skill set perfectly, and was diligent and supportive throughout the recruitment process. I would very much recommend his services to friends and colleagues.  Thanks again.

    JW, Germany. 9/15

  • I first got in touch with the Caroline Pye when I was still a student, and she gave me very handy information about how to boost my CV, especially for the UK job market.  Just few days after finishing university, thanks to IC Resources I got an interview with my new employer! The position was perfect for me and the interview has been organised very efficiently.

    A special thanks goes to Kathy Campling, who helped me secure the position with a lot of useful advice.

    Thanks again for your great job!

    EM, Italy. 8/15

  • Caroline helped me a lot – not only in finding the suitable job and proposing me as a candidate but also in the preparation for the interview and in other UK related issues such as relocation, taxes, etc.

    I would like to thank the IC Resources team for considering me for several opportunities during the last couple of years, and a special thanks to Caroline, for her patience and availability as well as her dynamism during the whole process.

    WM, France. 8/15

  • On securing my recent move: working with Alex was a breeze. He patiently matched me with suitable openings and admittedly nudged me in the right direction too. Alex was always on the ball, responsive, and provided critical interface with my [at the time] prospective employer until all was sorted.
    Please pass on my sincere thanks to Alex again.

    MA, Bristol. 7/15

  • I was extremely satisfied with the level of service from I received from Caroline Pye. She was sensitive to my career goals, and was very responsive in her email communication to me. I relocated from the US West Coast back to the UK, so this responsiveness was particularly important to me. Also, she helped me through the salary negotiation process, resulting in a base salary I was very happy with.


    RP, Wales. 7/15

  • It’s been a real pleasure to work with IC Resources, and particularly with Caroline. She first got in touch through LinkedIn 3 years ago, while I was still at university, and when I was close to finishing my degree she contacted me again as she knew that I’d be the time I start looking for a permanent position.

    From there, she’s been absolutely fantastic in guiding me through the whole process. She understands the business and was able to point me to offers that really fitted my skills and aspirations. You really feel that you’re speaking to a human being who cares, who knows you, and takes time to find the perfect position and help you get it.

    Within a few months, I’ve graduated, moved from France to the UK and started on what is basically my dream job. I’m really glad that Caroline stumbled upon my LinkedIn profile all these years ago!

    TT, Cambridge. 7/15

  • Thank you so much for your outstanding service in finding me the great job. Special thanks to Danielle. It’s been a great pleasure to work with her, and she was very friendly, proactive and detail-oriented. I was also impressed by her professionalism. Unlike other agencies who just kept pushing irrelevant job adverts to me, Danielle always recommended suitable jobs, which were good match to my academic and working experience. She arranged job interviews efficiently and effectively, and made me feel confident during the process.  Once again, many thanks for all your effort and time. I would certainly recommend your service to my friends.

    CQ, London. 7/15

  • I have started to settle in at my new job and am enjoying my work so far.

    Brett has been great in organising the interview for me, and also very supportive during the process of agreeing a contract and moving house. Overall, my experience with IC Resources has been a very positive one.

    MS, Bristol. 6/15

  • I thought you would be pleased to know that I am enjoying settling in to my new job and that I am sure I will find it an interesting and rewarding role.

    I can only say that my experience with IC Resources was a very positive one, and I wouldn’t hesitate to use or recommend IC Resources again in the future. I found Matt’s approach to be more relaxed and friendly compared to my previous experience of recruitment agencies which were more ‘intense’, including preparing for interview in a slightly confrontational way which could be misinterpreted (i.e. asking direct questions to the employer like “what are your concerns to not employ me?”)

    Matt showed he had extremely good knowledge and appreciation of the company and role I was applying for, and that ultimately allowed me to succeed in getting the right job which suited me both professionally and personally.

    Many thanks for all you efforts.

    JL, Bristol. 6/15

  • Hi Danielle,  Thank you so much for all your hard work and kind help. Your assistance has not only helped me find the great job, but also given me so many opportunities in looking for a suitable position and renewed confidence during the disheartening experience. You have been amazing and I really appreciate all your effort, time and efficiency.  I am very happy to accept the offer with my new company.   Many thanks again 🙂  Have a nice day.

    CQ, London. 4/15

  • Thanks to your help I had the chance to address a complex situation: moving from research to industry, while relocating from Germany to UK.
    I was given the opportunity to make two interviews in two very interesting companies; Leon sometimes even acted as a mentor with me, suggesting me and guiding me in what was a complete new world to me.  Leon was always prompt in the key moments of organizing the interviews and planning my trip to the UK.  The communication was a bit difficult after my decision of joining my new company when I had to define some relocation details. I would say that a direct contact with my company would have been more efficient.  I will definitely recommend you if I have the chance. Thanks again for your help!

    DB, Germany. 4/15

  • I would like to thank the crew at IC Resources for all their help and advice in my recent career move.  Caroline, in particular, was always very professional, responsive, knowledgeable and provided valuable insight along the way.  I am quite satisfied with the quality of the services provided by your firm, and would not hesitate to recommend your company to friends and former colleagues in the future.  IC Resources has truly helped me enhance my intellectual capital!   I wish you all the best.

    AL, Serbia. 4/15

  • I joined my new employer after regular contact with Leon Morrison from IC Resources. I just dealt with one agent due to my past experience with Leon as he is up to date with all open positions and analog/RF IC design industry in general. He took my requirements into account, provided advice when sought and regularly kept in touch updating options and situation. Very professional…..much appreciated.

    JK, Swindon. 4/15

  • My overall experience with IC Resources was very good. Mike was always responsive and helpful. He even gave me some advice that I think greatly helped me to get the job. I am very satisfied with your services and I am very happy with my new position right now.

    LC, Spain. 4/15

  • The day after contacting Rachel I had several possible job roles to consider based on Rachel’s expertise and knowledge of the semiconductor industry. After discussion I decided to follow up on two, one of which I might not have considered originally from the job description without Rachel’s advice. I had an interview the following week and a job offer soon after. Rachel’s guidance throughout was invaluable in me finding my new job.

    RW, Wiltshire. 4/15

  • My experience with IC Resources was very positive not only because I found my current job through IC Resources, but also because Leon (whom I would like to thank again) helped me in many aspects. He is an experienced and professional person who has been proactive and always ready to answer to all my questions. He supported me as a friend. Thanks again for everything!

    AL, Italy. 4/15

  • My situation was, I think, particularly difficult in that I had already decided to give highest priority to my family life – meaning working close to home. Ane and Leon identified that a job at my new company could work for me whether I stayed living in Germany or I moved to the UK – due to their insider knowledge that the company would likely allow me to work from home.  I had been searching for work unsuccessfully for 6 months before this opportunity came up. Leon and Ane identified it for me, and Leon led me proficiently through the application process. Things ran very smoothly and completely without stress.

    TM, Germany. 4/15

  • Sukhi is a godsend.  Working from my needs, experience, and expectations, he helped me get an excellent position in an awesome new company.  He is friendly, professional and I never felt that he was pushing me into an interview for the sake of it. He made sure that I was kept in the loop throughout the whole process. Any question I had, he made sure that he would get the answer. He was even replying to his emails while on annual leave!  This all adds up to him having something unique that you don’t tend to get from most recruiters: a personal touch and a real nice guy that is interested in his candidates. Every UXer should try Sukhi when looking for their next challenge. They won’t be disappointed.

    OS, London. 3/15

  • I have had a very good working experience with IC Resources.  Leon has been very proactive and prompt in all his replies, which helped me with my many queries.  Coming from India to UK is a big change so I had small queries and sometimes silly questions but Leon was kind enough to help me out.  I look forward to work with you again in future.

    AS, India. 3/15

  • I am very happy with my new role.. Sukhi has been incredibly helpful and professional across the whole process.  My first conversation with him left me with good impressions. Sukhi was very interested in my situation and engaged.  But that didn’t prepare me to what came after.  I was gladly surprised at the number of opportunities he then presented to me – all of which I found relevant to my needs.  We discussed various roles and once I decided on my new role, I found Sukhi a great representative to discuss and negotiate contract specifics.  I cannot recommend Sukhi and your service highly enough. In fact, I have already introduced an experienced Art Director that I have known since 2008 and highly recommend. Hopefully you get to work with him as well.

    DL, London. 3/15

  • I have started my new role yesterday and I wanted to thank you very much for your help and your professionalism. I really appreciated your support and your inputs when I was looking for a new job.  Thanks again and take care!

    MV, Reading. 3/15

  • The overall experience with IC Resources was good and very easy going. Caroline was a great help throughout from when I initially was looking for a job. She provided me with plenty of information regarding jobs that were available and what I was looking for. She kept in contact regularly to check how my applications were doing, and also other applications I had done, and provided helpful assistance for the interview processes. Even once I had been offered a job, she was able to provide information regarding areas for the relocation process.  All in all it was very helpful, straight-forward and stress-free.

    DW, Manchester. 2/15

  • I’ve just returned from my first training in Singapore and I’m now trying to get up-to-speed in my new role as customer support engineer.  My experience with IC Resources was very good. Jeff was always right on top of it and he assisted me correctly throughout the application process.  In the end, all of this lead to my current position.  I can only say thank you for getting in touch with and helping me getting on board with my new company.

    FG, Belgium. 2/15

  • I was very pleased by the way the recruiting process was conducted. Rachel has always demonstrated her engagement and I really believe she was instrumental in its success. I had the opportunity to meet her face-to-face at SEMICON-Europa in Grenoble last October just a few days before my interview. We had a fruitful discussion about the on-going process and my career vision. Beside her role as a link between me and the recruiting company, I think she was also able to make me feel more confident about my potential. A bit just as a coach would do. This is a real plus and it’s clearly what makes the difference with the average recruiter.

    I will warmly recommend your services to anyone in the semiconductor industry who wishes to boost his career and you’re my first contact for my next career move! First your focus on the SC market puts in the spotlight proposals of interest that could otherwise be left unnoticed and second the quality of the relationship you’re able to build with candidates is really stimulating and definitely enhances chances of success.

    VC, France. 2/15

  • I can say quite frankly that it was a purely positive experience to had been supported by Marta and Adel.  I am delighted to have joined my new company and to be now part of their team.

    In comparison to other recruiters, e.g. “Mercuri Urval”, “Hanseatischer Personalkontor”, IC resources did work in my opinion quite more efficient thus enabling within a 4 week period to be on board of a new company without letting the candidate run through time consuming assessment tests.

    Invitations for the first interviews had been run in a short period and I did not had to wait long for a feedback  I always had the feeling of trust talking to Marta and Adel and what more can I say, the new job is an absolute match for me, great people, great product and great company spirit.

    Wishing you and your team all the best and a lots of good candidates.

    FK, Germany. 2/15

  • My experience of IC Resources, and Rachel in particular, has been nothing but positive. The regular contact with positions that were suitable and met my requirements was particularly refreshing. Too often from other recruiters I was bombarded with positions that had little or no relevance to my CV or future aspirations.

    I have not hesitated to recommend Rachel to my colleagues who are currently searching for new positions, and I hope they have the same success as I did.

    CM, Lincolnshire. 2/15

  • Let me start by saying that this is the first time any agency has asked for feedback, never mind sent a gift after winning a contract.

    To be honest, I expected a good experience with you guys as a friend of mine speaks very highly of you. Rob has been great so far and I should also mention Tom Huggins who has also been great over the last couple of years.

    I’m very happy with IC Resources and hope to keep winning work with you guys over the next few years. You can be assured that I’ll be providing a professional service to our customer as obviously it beneficial to us both that they come back to you guys to ask about my whereabouts.

    GN, Scotland. 2/15

  • The feedback could not be better, the best job search experience I have ever had.

    To be honest, you were not the only agency I worked with. But you are the one that worked the best. You worried about matching my skills with the proper position. Usually agencies find roles that are “somehow” related with your background, but in your case the search was wise, and very important realistic. Someone with not experience would match a role where not experience is required (which is my case).

    Another important thing, Anna. She made me not to be afraid of the interview, and became the job search even a pleasured experience. Always helpful and friendly, made me feel she was taking care of me the 100% of the time.

    Not much to say, you work really well. And trust me, I know what is to work with agencies.

    Thank you so much again and best regards,

    HR, Edinburgh. 2/15

  • My experience with IC Resources was definitely fruitful & effective. Landing my dream job, which is going quite well – thank God.   Again I’d like to seize the opportunity and show my gratitude for your support during my job hunt.

    OM, Germany. 2/15

  • Jeff, I would like to say many times a Great Thanks for your help. It was very nice and professional to work with you together.

    I hope we can be in touch for future, I know some another guys that may be interested for you. I can say that was my first experience with recruiting company’s and this experience definitely POSITIVE. Everything was professional with taking care about customer (me or my new company). I’m really satisfied with  job done.

    Thank you very much and have a nice future.

    OK, Germany. 1/15

  • My experience with Emma throughout the job search has been nothing short of excellent. Unlike other recruiting agents, she is very precise, to the point, when it comes to recruitment matters.

    She understood my job requirement perfectly, and has worked hard to find me a great job.

    I have enjoyed building a professional relationship with her and am very satisfied with how she has handled the case.

    I will continue to use her services at my next job hunt. I’m sure she won’t let me down.

    NS, Newbury. 1/15

  • My experience in working with group has been a pleasure and as always, Leon Morrison provides a very highly polished level of support throughout the recruitment process. In particular, whilst corresponding between myself and my new company at the various stages of the process, Leon was able to skilfully interpret feedback from both sides and provide the best possible responses leading to a successful opportunity. I would therefore, highly recommend to colleagues and peers of the benefits of working with IC Resources and I wish you all the very best success moving forward.

    KP, Southampton. 1/15

  • I’d like to say that Emma was absolutely great in getting me sorted out with the interview and identifying very quickly that my new company would be a good fit for me. I’ve been in touch with Alex (Fothergill) over the years and he’s been quite good at staying the course with me and placing me in a few interesting interviews, which I’ve really appreciated.

    Hopefully I’ll be happy here for a few years yet, so with a bit of luck I mightn’t be in touch with you for a while. But I do think there might be a few old friends that I could point your way, so will give the referral scheme a look.

    Thanks again and please pass on my best wishes and thanks to Emma.

    DF, Bristol. 1/15

  • My experience with IC Resources was excellent. I was well informed about the role and company, Lisa is a professional person, she played a major role/part in me getting the job. It was great working with IC Resources and especially Lisa.

    I would like to say a big thank you to you all.

    SD, Ireland. 1/15

  • I found Caroline professional, easy to speak to and not too pushy , which is a first when it comes to most recruitment consultants.

    She respected my views on opportunities that I did not follow up and that means a lot.

    Caroline also communicated things back and forth to Huawei in a speedy fashion.

    GC, Wiltshire. 1/15

  • I must say that I have found the service that I have received from IC Resources to be very good. I think that Alex (Fothergill, my main point of contact) has been very proactive, right from the moment I first submitted my CV onto your system a couple of years ago, and having him undertake the discussions / negotiations for my current contracting position with Xsilon was a great help, as I have not worked as a contractor before. I am not really sure I have much more to say – it has all been excellent.  Thanks again and best wishes for 2015.


    RC, Bristol. 1/15

  • The job’s really good. Been able to get straight in and stuck into the code, make some progress and useful changes. It’s really good compared to the last job.

    Thanks to you and Georgina for all your help over last year. I appreciate your efforts, professionalism and sociability. 5 thumbs up!

    PH, Wiltshire. 12/14

  • I had wonderful experience working with Adrian and IC Resources who helped in looking for the right kind of job and helping me through the complete process.

    Even during his absence he had back up from IC Resources who used to address my concern and reply to my mails.

    My sincere thanks to Adrian and IC Resources team.   Happy Christmas and Prosperous New year to entire team.

    GR, India. 12/14

  • I had been recommended IC Resources through colleagues a couple of years back and it was quite clear from the start that your team was very professional, while maintaining a personal contact.   I have been in touch with Leon for over a year now, helping me with interviews and job search. Apart from a few applications through personal channels, I have found it easy to rely on IC Resources for searching design roles within the UK. I found him quick to grasp issues and then help suggest ways to get around them.  I have always had good advice and prompt communication from your team. I have not heard of anybody yet who was treated differently. I will not hesitate to recommend it to anybody looking for a role in IC Design, as I have done so for a few already. I thank you for your help.

    MSG, Harlow. 12/14

  • Dave – thanks again for all your help. The service I received from yourself and IC Resources has once again been excellent!


    BK, Northampton. 12/14

  • It was a pleasure working with you Lisa, you were most professional and realistic, it’s refreshing to work with a recruitment company that not only keep one informed, but give realistic and accurate information regarding the companies and good preparatory information regarding the interviews.

    Thank you Lisa you made the process a relatively  stress free process and managed the entire process flawlessly.

    Thank you and I look forward to meeting you soon.

    SW, Oxfordshire. 12/14

  • My experience with IC Resources and specifically with Georgina, who was helping me with my career change, has only been very positive. Georgina has always been very reliable, honest and responsive and these are the attributes I highly value when it comes to progressing any project not to mention a life changing one. The fact that I could contact Georgina by phone or mail and have my questions answered practically instantly (or very quickly afterwards if any consultation was needed) as well as that I was promptly informed about the progress of my application were very important in assuring me about my case being treated seriously and positively distinguished IC Resources from other recruiting companies I was contacted by. I would also like to mention that Georgina was very keen on passing me information not directly related to my job application but very important from my perspective, for example information related to the UK properties, schools or tax system, which I also highly valued and tremendously helped me to make my final decision.

    I will be also happy to recommend IC Resources to any of my colleagues as soon as I learn they are looking for a career change.

    ZJ, Poland. 11/14

  • IC Resources found a position that I might be interested in. I found your company very professional in asking my thoughts before putting my name forward. I also found it useful for your company to act as an intermediary between myself and my new company in the stages up to them offering me the position.

    I will certainly recommend your company to any of my colleagues if they are looking for a new position.

    IB, Hampshire. 11/14

  • I have been contracting since 2001 and I have dealt with a plethora of recruitment agencies. Your agency is certainly among the best that I have had the pleasure to work with, and I cannot remember an agency getting in contact for feedback after the role has ended.

    One thing that impressed me was the cordial manner of your accounts team. In a number of agencies there is no acknowledgement with the time sheets.

    Another valuable thing is that the payment was prompt and there was no hold up, so I am thoroughly happy with that. I want to extend my warmest thanks to your team.

    BG, London. 11/14

  • Simply, I found IC’s service exemplary. Brett was on the whole in tune at all times and when he wasn’t he quickly chased Selex to get the required information for me. If you could pass on my thanks to Brett I would be grateful.

    JM, Basildon. 11/14

  • I worked with Chris looking for a job in UK while I was in S.Korea.

    Because of distance and time gap between two countries, it was difficult to arrange an interview call, but Chris always manages it very well and I had no problem to have a call.  I am happy working with you and Chris and I will definitely contact you again if I have to search a new job later.

    Thank you very much for your good job and please give my best regards to Chris.

    JL, Southampton. 11/14

  • Luke did well to find this position and conducted the whole process very professionally.  I started contracting in electronics when Ohm started laying down the law, my wireless was powered by an accumulator, planes still had outside toilets and most people had never heard of contracting. Over this long period, I have worked via agents that have varied from virtually criminal (taking a 60% cuts), to agents that are very professional and straight. IC Resources has so far, performed as one of the best and I hope that they will continue like this. Their hard work and straight formula will lead to an excellent reputation and continued success.

    WH, Uckfield. 10/14

  • It was a pleasure to use your company for finding a new job and I have highly recommended you (Georgina in particular) to my friends and colleagues.
    When my company announced the sale or wind down of our division in June the vultures at other agencies descended quickly onto LinkedIn. Those that did have interesting (or indeed any) positions for me, and succeeded in getting me to an interview, were then like high pressure salesmen (they were all men) trying to get me to sign on the dotted line ASAP. In stark contrast Georgina and Cambridge based ECM were much more relaxed with me and let me decide in my own time.

    TG, Cambridge. 10/14

  • I really appreciate all the help I get from your company, especially from Anna.

    Thanks to her this whole process was less painful and more clear to me.

    I am really happy with all that service, and I will recommend your company to every of my friends who will look for a job, that is sure.


    PK, Poland. 10/14

  • I can only say that my experience of Dave and IC Resources in general is very positive, at all times being professional and keeping me up to date. I particularly like that you do not withhold your telephone number.

    MF, London. 10/14

  • I would like to express my gratitude for the professional and excellent support which IC Resources and you provided to me during my job search.
    Thanks to your help I was selected among many other engineers for the open position of Sales Manager Eastern Europe at my new company.
    This is exiting opportunity for me, it is like a dream job and fits to my professional experience and background in a perfect way.
    This journey is a new step and a new life for me and I would like once again to thank you for your professional attitude and excellent service connecting me to my new employer.

    LI, Sofia. 9/14

  • I found Adrian to be a cut above most of the agents I’ve dealt with. It was obvious that he took a real interest in my job search, only putting me forward for positions that really were appropriate to both my skills and requirements.

    He was also very personable and easy to talk to, listening to my requirements and talking through anything that was unclear. Responses to questions were quick and thorough.  All in all my experience with Adrian was very positive and the outcome is that my new company looks like it is going to be a pleasant and rewarding place to work.

    LR, Purley. 9/14

  • Many thanks for all the things you have done from referring till joining my new company. It has been a wonderful experience working with you in my job hunt and I would definitely be referring my friends and old colleagues who are seeking a new job.

    SR, India. 09/14

  • I’d like to comment positively on my experience with ic-group and Alex in particular. I was impressed with the selection of potential employers, the understanding of my needs, the efficiency of the arrangements and the pleasant and attentive communications. I would not hesitate to recommended ICResources to any of my colleagues or friends seeking a new position.

    SS, London. 09/14

  • My experience with you was very positive and moreover from Anna both support and patience with me was very important for my job search process. I didn’t know about my new company before, and you have showed me the path to follow for the employment process, this company very stimulates me and I like my job, I’m very satisfied and very motivated. In conclusion of everything…thank you, thank you and… thank you!

    LG, Italy. 09/14

  • My feedback is more than positive. David properly understood my preferences and skills, this helped a lot in finding my new position, which, by the way, was the first position he proposed to me. Let me say that also the other positions proposed by him were really interesting. He made everything happen really fast, and I even got help in defining the logistics details of the interview! Well done guys! Now it’s up to me, wish me good luck!

    FC, Italy. 09/14

  • I don’t think there is much to comment on my experience with IC Resources except that it has worked very well. Leon gave good advice and was able to provide reliable and speedy communication. Thanks!

    CB, Sweden. 09/14

  • I’d like to thank IC Resources for the work you did and the help you provided finding me employment in a very competitive industry and at a time when opportunities are scarce. My interactions with the company were always positive and it felt the Rachel was always looking out for my interests. Once again, thank you

    OC, Devon. 09/14

  • I would like to commend James on his overall service provided to me when dealing with my new company and obtaining my new position. The level of detail on every aspect of my contact with James was faultless and I really appreciate all his help on each stage of the recruitment process from initial contact to package negotiations. I would have no hesitation recommending IC Resources to any company wishing to recruit or any candidate looking for a new position.

    RT, Cardiff. 08/14

  • I would like to say thanks for assisting me in finding my new position, especially Sam and his determination & professionalism in securing the role for me. I will also view the recommendation scheme as per your letter to me & pass the good word on!

    SA, Tyne and Wear. 08/14

  • Would just like to say thank you for the help given in finding me a career. It was a good experience and it felt more personal than other agencies with calling soon after the interview to ask how it went but never felt harassed. I’ll definitely recommend you to other people I know. Also could you pass my thanks to Brett, as he was very helpful in my search.

    MH, Tyne and Wear. 08/14

  • I just wanted to start by saying thank you for helping and supporting me during my job hunting journey. My first contact was Samantha. She was very helpful and supportive. Most of the interviews I did through her were positive. I got an offer from my new company at the end. Also Sukhi was very kind and supportive. I would highly recommend your company to anyone looking for a UX job.

    HU, London. 08/14

  • I’ve just received your little surprise parcel. Many thanks not only for this but also for your work which got me the new job. It is a big step forward and I love every bit, I couldn’t have asked for more.

    TT, Hampshire. 07/14

  • My experience with working alongside Maddie was absolutely positive, she was wonderful all along the process of searching for next job. I wish all of you at IC Resources and especially Maddie, all the best in your hard work.

    ST, Middlesex. 07/14

  • I’d like to express my thanks to IC-Resources, in particular to James Cunningham I’ve known since 2008. We’ve been helping each other to find the right talents; James knew for a while that I wanted to go back to the south of France, and contacted me as soon as this opportunity at my new company. He has been very helpful in organising the interviews and finalising the contract; very professional.

    LE, France. 06/14